Team Type 1 Foundation Announces $50,000 in College Scholarships for Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes

June 27, 2023

The Atlanta-based non-profit foundation announces 10 scholarships totaling $50,000 for the 2023-2024 academic year

ATLANTA, Ga., June 27, 2023/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Team Type 1 Foundation, a nonprofit organization pursuing a global mission of education, empowerment, and equal access to medicine for everyone affected by diabetes, is excited to announce the 10 college athletes with type 1 diabetes who will receive scholarships as part of its Global Ambassador Program. Tune into the live @TeamType1 Instagram announcement of the scholarship recipients on August 1st, 2023 at 2 PM EDT.

Established in 2005, the Team Type 1 Foundation has bestowed 10 college scholarships to athletes with type 1 diabetes who compete in a NCAA or NAIA sports. The Global Ambassador Program, which launched in 2014, will grant a total of $50,000 this year. For the 2023-24 academic year, this will fund ten $5,000 scholarships.

“Since its inception, the Team Type 1 Foundation has been committed to investing in athletes with diabetes and helping them grow into role models for the community. We select recipients who have a proven track record in community outreach, academic excellence, and a passion for sports,” said Team Type 1 Founder Phil Southerland. “The Team Type 1 Foundation is an example of how sports can be a powerful platform to show the world what is possible with diabetes, particularly when you have access to education and the proper tools to manage diabetes.”

In addition to their hard work in the classroom and on the field, pitch, pool, or links, the Team Type 1 Foundation’s Global Ambassador athletes are tasked with raising awareness about Foundation’s mission in developing countries where access to diabetes management tools is limited. Since its inception, the Team Type 1 Foundation has donated 10 million test strips and 4,000 glucose meters and offered advisory support to the Rwanda Government for their National Diabetes Plan, which ensures access to sustainable diabetes care while limiting the government’s financial burden.

“Many people are unaware that here in the United States, the average cost of diabetes care after insurance is upwards of $5,000 per year for access to the tools that keep us alive. These scholarships are a way to help subsidize these costs and allow these collegiate athletes to focus on their education and sport,” explained Southerland. “Because diabetes only chooses champions, we believe the investment will pay itself forward multiple times over as these athletes grow into diabetes superheroes and continue giving back to the community. They are true role models not only for their sports but also for the broader diabetes community.”

The Carolan Foundation and Team Type 1’s Founder Phil Southerland along with hundreds of other donors generously support Team Type 1’s Global Ambassador Program and make these scholarships possible.

Scholarship recipients were selected based on several eligibility factors, including grade point average, athletic achievement, personal story, financial needs, and community service. The 2023-24 scholarship recipients compete in nearly 6 different NCAA/NAIA sports. For more information on the Global Ambassador Scholarship Program or to get involved in the Team Type 1 Foundation, please visit: http://teamtype1.org/gasp/


Established in 2005, the Team Type 1 Foundation is a nonprofit organization pursuing a mission of education, empowerment, and equal access to medicine for everyone affected by diabetes. Collaborating with governments, healthcare professionals, diabetes experts and individuals living with diabetes around the world, the Team Type 1 Foundation is bridging the gap to access and education through sustainable and economically viable solutions. For more information, visit: www.teamtype1.org.

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