Team Novo Nordisk Announces Partnership with Maurten

February 24, 2021

Team Novo Nordisk partner with Swedish sports nutrition pioneers Maurten for 2021 and beyond

Atlanta, GA., Feb, 2021 – Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all diabetes professional cycling team today announced an exciting new partnership with world class sports nutrition experts Maurten.

“We are very pleased and proud to be working with a sports nutrition partner like Maurten,” began TNN Chief Medical Officer Rafael Castol. “It’s a brand that fully focuses on providing top level endurance sports athletes with top quality, natural carbohydrate-based products for optimal energy in training and performance and that fits in perfectly with how we try to look after and prepare our athletes.”

Maurten is a young company that already boasts an impressive background in elite level athletics having worked closely with marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge and triathlon and Iron Man champion Jan Frodeno.

2021 marks a determined move into professional cycling for the Swedish company and with Team Novo Nordisk celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the discovery of insulin, there was no better time to join forces with an innovative partner like Maurten.

“By now it’s no secret that we are celebrating a significant milestone this year,” continued Castol. “Without insulin people affected by diabetes would not be able to live the lives that they can and do now and Maurten’s ground-breaking use of Hydrogel technology in sports nutrition ties in with our general of approach of how we want to develop as a team, embrace innovation and create the best environment for our athletes to succeed.”

“Hydrogel technology is an innovative technology that allows the athlete to absorb and deliver carbohydrates at different concentrations with great tolerance and assimilation. It provides a constant and stable delivery of carbohydrate mix for optimal fuelling requirements without impacting or stressing the gastrointestinal (GI) system.

“This is really important, especially for professional cyclists who need to constantly refuel whilst on the bike over long distances. Proper carbohydrate intake for athletes is fundamental for reaching their top potential and optimizing their performance and should not come at a cost of higher GI issues.”

Working with Maurten aligns with the underlying philosophy and vision of Team Novo Nordisk that obstacles are there to be overcome and problems there to be solved, the team’s research, medical and performance team work tirelessly on how to keep improving and advancing athletically and also in the management of diabetes – above all by utilising scientific evidence as the foundation of how best to implement those improvements.

“Vision, scientific perspectives and reputation are the key factors in choosing Maurten as a partner to deliver sport nutrition products to our athletes,” concluded TNN Head of Performance Federico Fontana. “Standards of excellence in production, internal testing, technical support, technological advancements, ingredients and available evidence backed up Maurten with solid foundations on which we’ll base our long-term relationship.”

“Nowadays it can be cumbersome to choose the right sport nutrition company since the plethora of products is overwhelming. However, one factor stands above all others. Scientific testing. With their extensive internal product testing, and their openness in sharing results, Maurten is putting itself as a leading company in the sport nutrition scene. Being on the cutting edge of advancing the field with a high standard of scientific practices is what is driving our confidence in their products.”

About Team Novo Nordisk

Team Novo Nordisk is a global all-diabetes sports team of cyclists spearheaded by the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team. In 2012, Phil Southerland, co-founder and CEO of the team, and global healthcare company Novo Nordisk, came together to create Team Novo Nordisk, based on a shared vision to inspire, educate and empower people around the world affected by diabetes. For more information, go to www.teamnovonordisk.com.