Team Jumbo-Visma Extends Partnership with Supersapiens

June 9, 2022

Supersapiens’ science team has worked closely with Team Jumbo-Visma’s performance staff and riders to develop a series of innovations.

Atlanta – June 9, 2022 /ENURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Team Jumbo-Visma is pleased to announce that Supersapiens, the world’s first energy management system designed for athletes to drive positive behavior change and unlock better performance and recovery, will continue as an Official Supplier to the men’s and women’s teams.

Supersapiens, powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, has been working with Team Jumbo-Visma since its launch in 2020. The US-based company delivers innovative insights around glucose data to help athletes make informed nutrition decisions around training and recovery.

Supersapiens’ science team has worked closely with Team Jumbo-Visma’s performance staff and riders to develop a series of innovations. The primary strategy has been to focus on specific areas of intervention for meaningful and actionable objectives. The key approach is to target a narrow and simple objective to better understand the context and any potential actionable insights.

One of the main scientific areas was the relationship between pre-race meals and glucose levels during exercise. This was done individually to better understand the subjective response to quantity and timing of carbohydrate intake before exercise in relation to glucose response. Another interesting area of understanding was around the relationship between training load and overnight glucose control to target specific nutritional interventions aimed at improving glucose levels during sleep based on training schedule.

“We use Supersapiens to confirm that our nutrition strategies achieve what we think they should achieve. It also allows us to turn general recommendations into more personalized advice. It is the difference between hoping to improve metabolism with nutrition to measuring it,” said Asker Jeukendrup, head of nutrition at Team Jumbo-Visma and sports nutrition scientist.

Supersapiens will continue to build upon its expertise and technology, powered by the award-winning Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor[1], which it has gained through invaluable data from athletes at the highest level of sports and across different research areas. The partnership aims to continue providing Team Jumbo-Visma with the best working directions to optimize the training environment while focusing on specific performance goals that are actionable and relevant to improving day-to-day exercise capacity for each rider.

“Our strategic partnership with leading teams like Team Jumbo-Visma enables us to work with the world’s best athletes, performance staff, and scientists. The close relationship between Team Jumbo-Visma and Supersapiens allowed us first to validate the impact of CGM as a necessary tool for performance, and then to innovate and deliver new features, such as the Coaches Dashboard which further enhance the ability to personalize nutrition for performance,” said Supersapiens CEO and Founder Phil Southerland. “Supersapiens is dedicated to R&D and we invest significant resources to improve the quality and performance of our products. We are excited to continue working with Team Jumbo-Visma as together we strive to win races.”

Supersapiens launched to the public in September 2020 and the Supersapiens system, including Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, allows athletes to automatically receive their glucose levels every minute to the Supersapiens app via Bluetooth. This data can be viewed on Supersapiens app or their groundbreaking wearable device, the Supersapiens Energy Band, which is the first and only performance wearable that is capable of reading glucose data directly from the Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor.

The Supersapiens system powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is now available in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Learn more about the full line of Supersapiens products and purchase Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor at www.supersapiens.com.

About Team Jumbo-Visma

Team Jumbo-Visma is a Dutch professional top sports team that is visible 365 days a year and performs at the highest level. With the merger of a professional cycling and speed skating team, the foundation has been laid for a new organisation model in Dutch top sports.

This model revolves around innovation, knowledge sharing, talent development and joining forces. Not only in terms of sport, but also commercially and communicatively. There is a new top sports culture that, thanks to dedication, development and sporting achievements, propagates ‘Dutch pride’ as an important core value. Through our own channels and victories at the highest level, we inspire a new generation and an ever-increasing number of athletes and fans. Management, coaches, athletes and partners share knowledge, they work together and they push each other to greater heights with one goal in mind: winning together!

About Supersapiens

Supersapiens is aiming to be the most influential sports brand of the decade. They develop innovative insights around glucose that drive positive behavior change and unlock better performance and recovery.

Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is intended for athletes to measure their glucose levels. When used with a compatible product, the biosensor allows athletes to correlate their glucose levels and their athletic performance.

The Supersapiens system including Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is not intended for medical use and is not intended for use in screening, diagnosis, treatment, cure, mitigation, prevention, or monitoring of diseases, including diabetes.

The Supersapiens system including Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is not for sale in the U.S and is only available in select countries. For a full list of references and FAQs, please visit our Education Hub and Knowledge Base.

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