TBLOCKS 4.0 Set to Launch at Endurance Exchange

January 21, 2020

Lakeshore Athletic Services tapped to handle distribution

Lakeshore Athletic Services tapped to handle distribution

TEMPE, AZ (January 21, 2020) – Attendees at the inaugural Endurance Exchange conference will be among the first to see the latest version of the innovative bike racking system commercially known as TBLOCKS®. Unlike the previous version, which was handmade out of aluminum in limited quantities, TBLOCKS® 4.0 are mass-produced out of 100% recycled plastic. “After grinding for years, I was finally able to invest in plastic injection molds, which gave me the freedom to design the best product possible,” said Marcus Robinson, inventor of TBLOCKS®. New features include velvet-lined wheel wells with an intuitive dial to adjust for tires of varying width.

TBLOCKS® do more than just keep bikes upright in an easily accessible position. They provide each event participant with a defined rack space and they display personalized nameplates that become one‑of‑a‑kind souvenirs after the race. This allows event organizers to present sponsors with a unique activation opportunity that elevates the athlete experience, increases sponsorship revenue, and maximizes social media exposure for their events.

The distribution of TBLOCKS® to and from events nationwide will be provided by Lakeshore Athletic Services. According to Marcus, “Lakeshore was the logical choice because of their strategically located warehouses and deep roots in the industry.” This collaboration between TBLOCKS® and Lakeshore offers event organizers an opportunity to bundle and save on rental equipment.