Swedish tech startup gets the world up and running

March 29, 2021

Sprintcrowd launches its unique sports platform for live audio/voice running globally.

There is an incredible growth and interest in the audio/voice segment. Launching Sprintcrowd today, the world’s first live audio based running platform that connects unlimited amount of runners from all over the world simultaneously. Sprintcrowd allows race organisations, famous runners, coaches and influencers to use the platform as a broadcasting tool to live send podcasts before, during and after running events to add a new dimension to the running experience. As of now, the app is available for global download from the App Store and Google Play.

Sprintcrowd, the Swedish tech startup is now launching its unique sports platform for live audio/voice running globally.

By connecting runners, coaches, brands and race organisations Sprintcrowd works multidimensional and takes running experience to a new level.

As a user you’re able to create your own live virtual run-events and invite your friends to join. Or choose to jump in on a public community running event created by a coach or an influencer.

Get ready for the start signal and run side by side with runners from all around the world. A host is able to broadcast to all participants through the race and a live leader board is visible to everyone. The participants gets narrations on distance, pace and position. Sprintcrowd is shifting focus from the individual run into a fun, social and audio connected experience.

The app is free and open to everyone, no matter your goals, skill levels or location.

Sprintcrowd’s vision is getting people to move together, for a healthier world and aim to lower the threshold to get people going by transforming running into a social sport rather than an individually focused activity.

Sprintcrowd is very proud of having Swedish Marathon icon and record holder Mustafa Mohamed as an operational partner and Head of Running.

“When I discovered the new dimension Sprintcrowd added to my own running experience, after running at elite level for more than 25 years, I knew that this was something that could have a positive impact on the entire running world.” says Mustafa Mohamed.

Download here: https://lnkd.in/eeAVs5S