SummaForte™ Using Lexaria Bioscience Technology to Help Athletes Perform Better and Recover Quicker

September 21, 2023

GREAT FALLS, VA/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – SummaForte™, a trusted performance and recovery brand that uses CBD and other clinically tested nutrients, is working with Lexaria Bioscience Corporation (Nasdaq: LEXX) to help athletes and others achieve even greater results.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 100 natural compounds extracted from the legal hemp plant. CBD boosts the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to help regulate stress, anxiety levels, inflammation responses and cognitive function.

Using Lexaria Bioscience’s patented processing and delivery technology, DehydraTECH™, the cannabinoids in SummaForte’s SummaRest™ sleep capsule and SummaMix™ powdered drink mix are embedded in long-chain triglycerides which then enter directly into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system, greatly reducing first pass liver metabolism. This enables faster onset and increased bio-absorption, improving performance and recovery.

“We’re delighted with the fast onset and effectiveness our products are delivering with the DehydraTECH process,” said Jeff Thinnes, CEO of SummaForte™. “Nutritionists with several professional sports teams have emphasized the additional benefit of more precise dosing as a result of the immediate absorption.”

”SummaForte gives its customers the best, it’s as simple as that,” said Chris Bunka, CEO of Lexaria Bioscience Corp. “They’ve chosen to use our patented technology because of years of extensive testing that has repeatedly shown the superior performance that DehydraTECH processing gives CBD.”

SummaMix™ is a powdered drink mix sold in individual packets. Each packet contains a trifecta of healthy ingredients: 25mg of premium CBD that facilitates sustained, balanced energy and a systemic anti-inflammatory effect; the most clinically-tested Lutein, promoting clearer vision and improved neural-visual processing; and a spearmint-based nootropic clinically shown to help achieve faster, more accurate reactions.

SummaMix™ became only the third product with CBD to achieve NSF Certified for Sport® certification, a requirement for supplements used by professional and Olympic athletes.

SummaRest™ is a vegan, all-natural, melatonin-free sleep capsule. Its two cannabinoids – CBN and CBD – work synergistically with the natural botanical, valerian root, to help people fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly, and wake up refreshed and alert without any next-day grogginess associated with many sleep aids.

Fred Funk, professional PGA golfer with 8 PGA Tour victories and 93 top-ten finishes, is the most recent professional athlete to switch to SummaForte. Funk, who continues to play on the PGA Champions Tour where constant travel and the required physical and mental stamina can be especially challenging for senior professional golfers, switched out his prescription anti-inflammatory for SummaMix™.

“I have less pain, better focus, more energy, and it tastes great!” Funk says. Funk had also been struggling with sleep, taking a melatonin-based sleep aid that, despite getting him to sleep, often left him awake in the middle of the night and groggy in the mornings. With the SummaRest sleep capsule, he says he’s falling asleep quickly and waking up fully restored and alert.

SummaForte™ is committed to being the most trusted performance and recovery brand leveraging CBD, other clinically tested nutrients, and innovative processing and delivery technologies. SummaForte’s products are embraced by professional and Olympic athletes, professional athletic trainers, and leading orthopedic, chiropractic and physical therapy institutions in search of effective, trustworthy, healthy products. The company’s third product, SummaTape™, is a kinesiology tape with CBD and menthol, acting as a triple anti-inflammatory to help athletes and others return quicker to what they love doing. All products are available online at www.summaforte.com


Russell Newell