SummaForte™ Adds All-Natural Sleep Aid SummaRest™ to Its Lineup of Innovative Performance and Recovery Products

May 31, 2022

BLOOMINGTON, IN/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – SummaForte has added a fast-acting, all-natural sleep aid to its innovative, best-selling kinesiology tape and CBD drink mix.

SummaRest combines CBN, a cannabinoid with great restorative sleep benefits, with its premium CBD and sleep-enhancing valerian root botanical to help athletes and others fall asleep fast, sleep soundly through the night, and wake up refreshed and alert.

CBN is a natural, non-habit forming, plant-based alternative that interacts with the body’s receptors responsible for inducing a sleepy state. SummaForte’s CBN activates these receptors, resulting in better quality sleep – without any negative side effects.

More and more people are turning to CBD and other cannabinoids to help manage pain and inflammation, decrease anxiety, and improve sleep.

“We’re excited to offer an all-natural alternative to other products that contain melatonin and may have unwanted side effects and result in grogginess the next morning” said Jeff Thinnes, CEO and Co-founder of SummaForte. “Unlike most other sleep aids, one dose of SummaRest addresses two of the major sleep issues – the ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep – so people wake up feeling refreshed and rested.”

SummaForte products have been embraced by athletes and trainers across a broad spectrum of sports for their performance and recovery benefits. SummaRest is ideal for competitive athletes since research has shown that half of them experience sleep issues and two-thirds report sleep difficulties the night before a competition. Healthy sleep is critical to athletes because sleep is when muscles repair and recover, immune system strengthens, and stress levels decrease. These lead to improved performance and reduced risk of injury.

Sleep deprivation can also increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol cause slower recovery, fatigue, poor focus, and weight gain. Lack of sleep also has been linked to decreased production of glycogen and carbohydrates that are stored to use as energy during physically strenuous activities.

SummaForte is a new health and performance brand that uses CBD and innovative technologies to develop bespoke, science-driven products that enable peak performance, faster recovery, and a healthy lifestyle. SummaForte launched with two signature products:

  • SummaTape™— a lightweight and stretchable cotton-spandex tape that supports muscles and ligaments while enhancing dexterity and facilitating faster recovery. The kinesiology tape is infused with CBD and menthol, delivering a cooling effect while helping reduce inflammation.
  • SummaMix™— An all-natural drink mix featuring a trifecta of healthy nutrients that provide sustained energy (CBD), vision health (lutein) and cognitive acuity (spearmint-based nootropics). Manufactured using a patented DehydraTECH™ process from Lexaria Biosciences, SummaMix is an effective nutrient carrier that ensures faster onset and higher bio-absorption for stronger efficacy.

To purchase or learn more about SummaRest, visit www.summaforte.com



Russell Newell