SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series and Wahoo X Announce Schedule for 6-Event E-Fondo Series on virtual cycling platform Wahoo RGT

December 21, 2022

(Gettysburg, PA – December 21, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series and Wahoo X today announced the event schedule for the 3rd Annual e-Fondo Series, which will run on virtual cycling platform Wahoo RGT.

The 6-event e-Sports cycling competition features timed segments and leverages Wahoo RGT’s innovative “Magic Roads” to recreate the Series’ real-world courses in a virtual environment. The free e-Fondo Series will run from January 15, 2023, through February 19, 2023 – with multiple opportunities for riders to compete on each course. Riders can also qualify for the 2023 USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championships event in Frederick, Maryland, on September 17, 2023.

Wahoo X: is a multi-channel app membership for endurance athletes, featuring Wahoo RGT – the next generation of virtual cycling with its innovative “Magic Roads” feature, whose functionality that gives Gran Fondo National Series the opportunity to create real world courses from GPX files, virtually.

The SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series e-Fondo Events will be held on Sundays, with three separate start times so riders can select a time of day that works for them.

  • E-Fondo Florida – Sunday, January 15
  • Cheaha E-Fondo – Sunday, January 22
  • Highlands E-Fondo – Sunday, January 29
  • Cache E-Fondo – Sunday, February 5
  • E-Fondo Asheville – Sunday, February 12
  • E-Fondo Maryland – Sunday, February 19

The complete schedule, including start times, are available on the SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series website. The E-Fondo Series is being run in addition to the full calendar of outdoor events.

Registration, Awards and Prizes
e-Fondo Series events are free to enter. Riders who register for and compete in the e-Fondo Series are eligible to compete in the e-Fondo Series Points Competition to earn age group awards. Riders will also be automatically entered in a prize raffle for chances to win products from series sponsors. Athletes earn raffle tickets for each event they enter, so the more events riders enter, the more chances they have to win.

SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series Event Director, Reuben Kline, chose to create the e-Fondo Series with Wahoo X because of Wahoo RGT’s focus on realistic rider dynamics. He added, “We wanted the indoor and outdoor experiences to be as similar as possible, and realistic in-game physics is what Wahoo RGT does best. They were also excited to integrate our timed-section competition format, complete with on-screen graphics and tracking rider results over multiple segments and events.”

Riders can register for E-Fondo Series events for free.

Riders can register today for a free Wahoo X account and get your legs ready to ride before the series begins.

About Gran Fondo National Series (granfondonationalseries.com)

Founded in 2012 by event director Reuben Kline, the Gran Fondo National Series is the largest and most competitive series of gran fondo cycling events in the United States. Gran Fondo National Series was the first series to implement timed-segment racing into US gran fondo events and has crowned Gran Fondo National Champions and Gran Fondo National Series Champions since 2012. Since 2020, Gran Fondo National Series has been the organizer of the official USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championships.

About Wahoo Fitness

Located in Atlanta, GA, Wahoo Fitness’ vision is to be a global leader in smart fitness and training – by creating a full ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists, and general fitness enthusiasts. Wahoo’s award-winning line of products include the KICKR family of smart indoor riding equipment and accessories, the ELEMNT family of GPS devices and sport watches, the TICKR family of heart rate monitors, as well as the POWRLINK ZERO Power Pedals and SPEEDPLAY dual-sided road pedals.

The connected fitness products are complemented by Wahoo Sports Science and delivered through the most comprehensive cycling training apps with a subscription to Wahoo X. Learn more about Wahoo’s full line of products and apps at WahooFitness.com.

About Wahoo X: is a multi-channel app membership for endurance athletes. SYSTM offers immersive, integrated structured workouts designed by world-class coaches using cutting-edge sports science to automatically tailor your workouts to your 4DP® profile. RGT is the next generation of virtual cycling – focusing on bringing the core of outdoor cycling indoors, empowering cyclists around the globe to train, ride, race, and explore. Wahoo X helps athletes achieve results faster.

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