Stryd Announces Next Generation Foot Pod

September 21, 2022

Boulder, CO September 21, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Stryd, the leader in run power technology, announces their next generation Stryd foot pod today. The next gen Stryd offers up to 5x improved running power responsiveness, tracks lower body stress, introduces new power-based run profiles, and brings a new level of accuracy when sprinting with running power. All of these features are enabled by upgraded sensors, new advanced materials, and next gen design to bring unparalleled accuracy and insight to runners.

“Stryd’s newest generation foot-worn wearable for runners, furthering its leadership in quality data as the first device with capability to monitor accumulated lower body stress in runners, is the biggest upgrade to healthy and productive run training in decades.” said Angus Nelson, Stryd CMO. “The new Stryd foot pod additionally offers a new groundbreaking power metric that reacts nearly instantaneously to changes in a runner’s effort, for the first time enabling true sprint training tracking, and comes with several new running modes tailored to specific workout conditions so that runners can achieve their goals faster.”

Run pacing, which is the goal for runners to keep an even effort when running, is the most critical skill of any runner. The next gen Stryd pod makes pacing easier than ever with incredibly responsive running power that truly delivers on the promise of power data: one metric to guide your run in any condition. You can now more quickly and more easily dial into the right intensity in any run condition with up to 5x improved power responsiveness over the previous generation Stryd pod.

The improved responsiveness enables a few more incredible benefits for runners: new run profiles and sprint performance tracking. First, three new run profiles that give you a tailored pacing tool for each environment, road, track, and trail, will be available for use with the new Stryd pod on the Stryd Workout App on Garmin watches and on the Stryd Apple Watch app. Second, runners can track their sprinting capability with high accuracy and use Stryd’s training ecosystem to complete the picture of who they are as a runner to determine and receive their own personal and optimized training and racing guidance.

Once you build up peak performance with Stryd’s running power metric, you get the guidance you need to sustain performance with a new metric called Impact Loading Rate. You will learn how to manage situations that subject the body to high Impact Loading Rate such as downhill running and running at high speeds to optimize recovery.

The next generation Stryd can see deeper into every step you take through its upgraded sensors and its more stable and robust shoe attachment made of new premium advanced materials. A combination of new pod design featuring an aerospace grade aluminum mounting and advanced fiber materials, plus, a new clip design featuring a new patterned silicone clip attachment maximizes data quality. New sensors capture the runner’s movements with 4x dynamic range and 6x sample frequency. Plus, improved hardware filters work to separate the signal from the noise.

The next generation Stryd remains available at our best price with the Stryd + Membership bundle, which includes the new pod and 6 months of Stryd Membership for an upfront cost of $149 USD and a total cost of $209 USD. (Exact price and availability varies by region worldwide.) This bundle provides runners the innovations of the next generation Stryd along with the best insights of the Stryd Membership — while still maintaining Stryd’s great price. Orders will begin shipping in early November. To learn more and order the next generation Stryd, visit https://www.stryd.com.

About Stryd.

Emerging from the research labs of Boulder, Colorado, Stryd developed the first wearable run power meter technology and complete power-based training & racing ecosystem. Power is the single measure of running performance that guides runners to train optimally in hilly terrain, windy weather, and, now, when running on the treadmill. Runners follow a singular number (power) to perfectly pace their runs and pair it with power-based workouts, training plans, and racing plans to improve their running fitness and achieve their goals. Olympic, professional, elite and amateur athletes and runners have adopted Stryd technology to gain a decided edge in training and racing.

Learn more about Stryd at https://www.stryd.com/

Find full images of the next generation Stryd here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fmGktv2o5bihvml_4pixnJ7xcYa841mq?usp=sharing