STREAKING in 2021! Mermaid Series kicks off the new year with a NEW virtual challenge hosted on Sodisp.com

January 19, 2021

The T9 Mermaid Streak Challenge motivates participants to streak together consecutive days of movement; Event hosted on the Sodisp.com virtual challenge platform.

San Jose, CA (January 19, 2021) The Mermaid Series, a women’s focused triathlon and running race series kicked off the new year with a NEW virtual challenge where participants STREAK together consecutive days of movement. Hosted on Sodisp.com, the innovative challenge encourages participants to log 30 minutes or 60 minutes of exercise per day and then STREAK together as many consecutive days as possible.

The Streak Challenge puts a unique twist on the typical virtual event as participants are ranked by time spent exercising, not distance. To accomplish this the Mermaid Series needed a customizable virtual platform that could adapt to how participants are scored and rewarded during the challenge. Participants earn daily workout badges for each day that they meet their 30 minute or 60 minute goal and then earn additional badges as they streak together consecutive days. Participants can record any type of movement from walking, yoga, weights, rowing, spinning to core exercises. On top of that, Sodisp allows participants to sync their activities from Strava, Garmin, FitBit, Suunto, Polar and Coros.

“Working with Sodisp we were able to create a leaderboard that ranks participants by the number of daily badges they earn and then secondarily ranks the leaderboard by overall time. It’s not about your speed or pace, but rather your time spent moving each day,” said Carlo Facchino, Founder of the Mermaid Series. “We’ve flipped the way results are tallied up and it’s amazing to the increase in participant engagement. Plus, it levels the playing field compared to the standard distance challenge, 60 minutes of walking is equal to 60 minutes of running. We’re seeing a whole new group of athletes trading places at the top of the leaderboard.”

Later this month, the Mermaid Series will be launching six new virtual challenges that will extend into the summer of 2021. The events will be leveraging the Sodisp virtual challenge platform. Facchino notes, “Partnering with Sodisp and customizing the platform to our events has allowed us to think outside the box. It’s been a lot of fun and the platform is key to why our participants feel engaged and keep coming back to our virtual challenges.”

About Mermaid Series:

The Mermaid Series provides a positive and encouraging environment that inspires women from all backgrounds to experience the joy of crossing the finish line. Based in California, the Mermaid Series hosts in-person events in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Colorado and Washington. Since the pandemic, the Mermaid Series has hosted over 7,800 virtual participants.

About sodisp:

Sodisp is the most engaging platform to host virtual events and challenges. The name sodisp is short for social distancing sports. sodisp.com is launched in May of 2020 by the founder of the largest running app and community in The Netherlands and with over 10 years of experience in the endurance sport events industry. sodisp.com is the latest platform to combine gamification with outdoor sports to allow its users to enjoy the great outdoors, even in this challenging post-corona era. Feel free to contact us at hello@sodisp.com.