Spring in Your Stride: Run the adidas Running Virtual Half Mayrathon

March 8, 2021

On May 2, the adidas Running app will host its biggest ever event: the Virtual Half Mayrathon.

Vienna, AUSTRIA, March 8, 2021: On May 2, the adidas Running app will host its biggest ever virtual event: the Virtual Half Mayrathon.

The race, open to anyone using the free running app, will require running a distance of 13.1 miles (21.09 km), and can be tracked using the app or wearable tech that syncs to the app.

In 2020, adidas Running broke new ground to provide some of the biggest virtual races in the world. Past virtual races have attracted up to more than 120k participants for a single event.

adidas Running campaign manager Stefanie Endfellner says: “We want to create an opportunity in which runners can keep the rhythm of race experiences until physical races are allowed again.”

From the cheering crowds, race bibs and water stations to the solitary laps around your nearest park, water bottle in tow, racing changed dramatically this year. What hasn’t changed is the training, stamina and determination to get to the finish line.

Within the app, athletes around the world compete against each other, deciding their own routes and keeping their competitive spirit alive with the Leaderboard. Runners can follow each other and post their victories to a supportive online community.

Elvice Aguida, a personal trainer and life coach from Toronto, Canada, is currently training for the half marathon.

Aguida began running last June after discovering the adidas Running app through a client. He says the app was an instant hit: “The app challenges me every week. I still see how many kilometers I run, how often I run and that pushes me to do better the next week.

“It motivates you because there are people that can see you run live on the app.”

Aguida will run laps at the lush Marie Curtis Park in Toronto, close to his home. “You can see the CN Tower, you can see the whole beach. It’s a really beautiful spot.”

During quarantine, Aguida has been running 10-15 km at least four times a week. In preparation for the marathon, he’s tweaking his diet to include more carbs and less vegetables.

Mr Aguida says: “Sitting at home, working for 8 hours during lockdown is not good for your mental health. Being able to go outside, and be safe from covid, it’s very powerful.”

adidas Running users can get ready for any race, from a marathon to a 5K, with training plans for Premium members.

About adidas Runtastic

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Paula Jahn
Head of Communications