Spring Edition of Runner and RiderBox Available Exclusively at Fuel Goods

April 1, 2024

Fuel Goods releases latest Runner and RiderBox showcasing new-to-market products from top brands and golden ticket giveaways

April 1, 2024—Asheville, NC /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Fuel Goods, the Asheville, NC-based online marketplace that makes sports nutrition approachable for all people, proudly announces its exclusive release of the Spring Edition Runner and RiderBox. Featuring several new-to-market products from the industry’s top brands, the Spring Edition boxes will also include a special golden ticket giveaway for 15 random box recipients. Each golden ticket recipient will win a free Nix Biosensors Hydration Monitor, a first of its kind hydration sensor that takes all the guesswork out of staying properly hydrated.

“We are thrilled to partner with brands at the forefront of sports nutrition like Skratch Labs, Lenny and Larry’s, JAMBAR, and Nix and it’s particularly rewarding to place their latest products in our subscribers’ hands as soon as they hit the market,” says Courteney Lowe, COO of The RunnerBox. “While every edition we curate is special, this is the first time we’ve had such a variety of new releases in one box. It highlights the remarkable innovation happening in the sports nutrition world, and we’re delighted that our subscribers have the opportunity to be on the forefront of these advances.”

The Spring Edition box showcases a range of accessories, fuel, and snacks to power people through their days, not just their workouts. The product list includes newly-released Lenny and Larry’s Fitzel fitness pretzels, JAMBAR’s Tropical Trio Bar, and Skratch Labs’ Hydration Everyday Drink Mix. The box continues with HydraPak’s RECON bottle, an Earnest Eats Superfood Oatmeal Cup, Truth Bar, Busy Co. Body Wipes, Tailwind Nutrition Recovery Mix, RECON bottle from HydraPak, and Gu Energy Labs Lemonade ROCTANE Gel. Additionally, all subscribers will receive $25 off a Nix Biosensors Hydration Monitor and 15 subscribers will receive a golden ticket in their box to redeem for a free Nix Biosensors Hydration Monitor, a $129 value.

Starting at $32/box, the Spring Edition box offers a cost savings versus purchasing the items individually at fuelgoods.com for $50 or more total. Available on a first come, first served basis, the Spring Edition box is on sale April 1 through May 31.

For more information on Fuel Goods, its subscription box service, and the latest product releases and innovations, please contact Mindy Smith at mindy@darbycommunications.com.

About Fuel Goods

Fuel Goods is a dynamic sports nutrition marketplace with a mission to empower fitness enthusiasts on their journey to elevate their active lifestyle. Founded by the minds behind The RunnerBox and The RiderBox, Fuel Goods is driven by a relentless commitment to bridging the accessibility gap in the complex world of sports nutrition.

At Fuel Goods, we make sports nutrition relevant, approachable, and most importantly, fun. Our platform is designed to inspire and educate individuals who are eager to enhance their well-being through smart nutrition choices. To learn more about the ways you can #GoFuelYourself, visit fuelgoods.com.

About The RunnerBox and The RiderBox

The RunnerBox is the longest-standing subscription box in the endurance space. Offering boxes for runners and cyclists, it is a fun and easy way for any athletes to receive a regular supply of products to enhance their active lifestyles. Each box is filled with hand-picked products tested and approved by a team of professional athletes and nutrition experts.The company offers subscriptions and one-time gift boxes, both of which are available exclusively at Fuel Goods.