Sodisp is the first Virtual Challenge Platform with Polar, Suunto and COROS integrations

November 27, 2020

Sodisp is the most complete and engaging platform to host virtual events and challenges. The only platform with Strava, Garmin and Polar auto-sync. Start your virtual event or challenge today on sodisp.com!

Auto-sync with all major fitness brands enables the best possible experience

Following our popular – and unique – auto-sync integration with Strava, Garmin, and Fitbit we are releasing three more integrations with popular GPS watch brands.

Using the new Polar, Suunto, and COROS integrations owners of these devices can automatically sync their activities the moment they save an activity on their watch! We will take their activity and connect it with the virtual challenges they participate in.

Over half of the participants on the sodisp virtual challenge platform prefers to use their own favorite fitness app or wearable over manual entry. Not only that: it allows some unique features which are based on the actual GPS coordinates of the activity. This allows participants to unlock location-based badges or verify they have followed a predefined course.

New Badges for consecutive days and activity-based triggers

To complete the new wave of new features we have released new badges which can be triggered by completing activities on a set number of consecutive days, or by completing a specific activity type, distance, or duration. These badges can be shared with friends and trigger automatic emails.

Seven Virtual Challenge Modes

There is a total of seven different challenge types available (time, distance, elevation, track, calories, stair climbing and badge mode) which all support individuals and teams. Each type of challenge has different options to fine-tune it and allows you to create truly unique virtual experiences!

Host your first virtual challenge for free

Hosting a virtual challenge on sodisp is easy; Using our powerful self-service tools you can go live within a day! Non-profits and smaller events can host their first challenge for free. Do you have a larger event or questions about a white-label or tailor-made solution? Contact us to discuss possibilities.

Contact us (or request a demo) at hello@sodisp.com to learn how we can support you with your virtual challenge.

About sodisp: The name sodisp is short for social distancing sports. sodisp.com was launched in May of 2020 by the founder of the largest running app in The Netherlands with over 10 years of experience in the endurance sports industry. sodisp.com is the most engaging virtual challenge platform available on the market. Feel free to contact us at hello@sodisp.com.