Smalo Launches New AI-Powered Smart E-Bike

September 20, 2023

Enter an era of cycling with fully automatic riding experience and seamless bike connectivity service

Mountain View, CA September 20, 2023Smalo E-Bikes, a new brand of electric bikes designed by leading builder BESV, debuts in the United States beginning September 25, 2023. The two models showcase sleek, gorgeous styling with technologic functioning powered by artificial intelligence to make cycling more accessible and smarter than ever before.

The Smalo LX2 is equipped with the proprietary G2 intelligent technology developed by BESV. It detects the user’s ongoing riding behavior and the surrounding environmental factors, and uses artificial intelligence to analyze and simulate the rider’s mindset in diverse riding situations, which then automatically and instantaneously executes similar gear-shifting and pedal-assist decisions on your behalf when activated. It creates a refined and smooth riding experience, but relieves the rider from manual efforts, and empowers them to effortlessly handle starts, accelerations, and long journeys.

The compact form of the Smalo PX2 is particularly useful in urban areas with limited storage space. With more torque resulting from its smaller wheel size, the PX2 has a rear brake light and adaptive front headlight as well as disc brakes and a rear shock that maximizes comfort. The 375Wh battery carries you up to 50 miles and recharging only takes 3.5 hours.

Through intelligent automated riding assistance, the bikes and accompanying app (Smalo app for iOS and Android) use AI to recognize a rider’s riding behavior to provide automatic shifting and predictive range.

Connectivity at the Click of a Button: Offering Peace of Mind at All Times

Smalo takes a comprehensive view of the rider-bike relationship, accounting for all aspects and operating around the clock. Not only does Smalo provide an innovative AI riding experience, but also seamless connectivity that caters to before, during, and after your ride. This means riders can leave any worries about their bike conditions behind and embark on every journey with an augmented sense of peace.

Using the Smalo app in conjunction with IoT and cloud computing technology, Smalo owners have the ability to perform remote management and system diagnosis to stay on top of their e-bike’s conditions. To give a few examples: owners can use the app to check their bike’s current location and battery capacity, set up security measures such as a theft alarm and bike-down alerts. When they approach the bike, unlocking the integrated electric lock on the app is intuitive and fast. Additionally, riders can optimize the bike’s performance with over-the-air firmware updates. Should any issues arise during a ride, the app and bike system can detect and guide owners through troubleshooting, therefore minimizing interruptions to their journeys.

Nationwide sales are available online at www.Smalo.com.


  • Optimized riding assistance: Switches gears (7-speed) and adjusts pedal assist automatically.
  • In-depth remote bike connectivity, including remote system analysis, bike location, theft alarm, bike-down alert, battery capacity monitoring, full-charge notification, low-battery alert, etc.
  • The smart electric lock can be unlocked either through our app or by entering a passcode directly on the bike.
  • Integrated LED display: Access comprehensive ride data without a phone.
  • Enhanced safety with automatic headlights, brake lights, and a built-in horn.
  • Fast charging and large battery capacity for a great range. Bringing you up to 73 miles of adventures with pedal assist, and charges in about 3.5 hours with a 4A fast charger.

Sales information:

Smalo’s series of products will be available for preorder on September 25, 2023. Deliveries to California only until Jan. 1, 2024.

Press Assets: You can find a link to our images here. 


LX2 – $2,980

PX2 – $2,880

*Smalo LX2 has automatic pedal assist and gear shifting functions.

*Smalo PX2 has automatic pedal assist function only

Test rides

Customers can test ride at home while enjoying a hassle-free return on Smalo. Visit www.smalo-ebikes.com for more details.

Press Contact: Zach Pickett, OutsidePR (Zach@OutsidePR.com)

About Smalo

Smalo is devoted to crafting sleek, contemporary smart e-bikes that reach new heights of human-centricity and user-friendliness. Through a harmonious interplay of cutting-edge software, hardware, IoT, and AI innovation, Smalo simplifies biking, and paves the way for a green world where everyone’s excited about pedaling. Smalo is the fresh sub-brand by BESV, introduced in 2023 to audiences in the United States and Japan.