Skratch Labs Introduces New, Vegan Sport Recovery Drink Mix

May 3, 2021

Boulder, CO – Skratch Labs, an innovator in performance nutrition, announces the release of Sport Vegan Recovery Drink Mix. This new, plant-based version of their popular milk-based Sport Recovery Drink Mix, is the result of feedback from vegan consumers seeking a recovery product from Skratch Labs to fill their sports nutrition pantry.

Sport Vegan Recovery Drink Mix is designed for vegan athletes who need something delicious and convenient to drink immediately after emptying the tank during long, hard workouts. “When you shake up this frothy, smooth drink, its chocolatey aroma may just conjure up memories of opening your favorite candy bar as a kid,” says Skratch Labs founder, Dr. Allen Lim. “You’ll taste the robust cocoa flavor that comes from real chocolate and the delicious sweetness of cane sugar–the taste is incredible.” As with all of Skratch Labs’ products, Sport Vegan Recovery Drink Mix does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavoring agents, something rare in the vegan protein space.

Made with only plant-based protein, a serving of Sport Vegan Recovery Drink Mix has what you need to rapidly refuel, rehydrate, and rebuild so you can go big again tomorrow. Its 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio speeds up recovery faster than protein alone by replacing your glycogen stores.  The 10 grams of pea and rice protein provide the complete essential amino acid profile to accelerate muscle repair and growth, plus 1 billion probiotic cultures to support digestive health. This vegan protein mix is delicious, easy to drink, and easy on the gut.

Now available, Sport Vegan Recovery Drink Mix currently comes in one flavor: Chocolate. It can be purchased in a 12-serving, 708g bag.

About Skratch Labs

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Skratch Labs is a performance nutrition innovator that helps athletes and active people be better. Skratch Labs was founded by two cycling pros who spent years on the Pro Cycling Tour watching teammates eat terribly and suffer through bad-tasting sports “nutrition” that ruined their stomachs. So, they did something about it. Skratch Labs started as a “secret drink mix” of real sugar, salt, and fruit powder, mixed together in a 5-gallon paint bucket. They wanted to help pro cyclists feel better and ride faster, and they did. Nearly a decade later, Skratch Labs’ approach is the same: help athletes perform better by solving their nutrition problems, without causing new ones, using real food ingredients.

Products can be purchased online at http://www.skratchlabs.com or at a variety of retailers. For more information on Skratch Labs and its products, visit www.skratchlabs.com or visit FacebookInstagram and Twitter.