Fuels launch and sample new PRIMED drink at Bob Babbitt’s Pro-athlete interviews

October 13, 2023

SFuels PRIMED, a proven staple of Olympic, World Champion and World Record breaking professional triathletes and ultra runners, launches second generation PRIMED formula to retrain and boost fat oxidation as well as lowering RPE.

RALEIGH, North Carolina, October 13, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – SFuels 1st generation PRIMED and TRAIN Endurance Drinks have supported pro and age-group elite athletes win Superleague triathlon series, XTERRA world-championships, USTA 100-mile road championships, and Kona/Utah Ironman age-group world championships for over the last several years.

SFuels CEO and General Manager, Nicole Phillips said, “We’re sampling our 2nd Generation PRIMED Endurance Drink at Huggo’s on the Rocks, as part of Bob Babbitt’s ‘Breakfast with Bob’ pro-triathlete interviews during the Women’s world championships in Kona, this week.

SFuels PRIMED is a uniquely formulated powdered drink supplement that supports raising fat-oxidation efficiency, glycogen retention, and promotes lower cognitive perception of effort-exertion during racing, and intense training.

SFuels Co-Founder, and Products Director, Leighton Phillips revealed three revolutionary endurance benefits of the newly released 2nd Gen PRIMED Endurance Drink and the documented science behind how it supports winning results.

“First, on-going research in both Ironman athletes and UCI Tour cyclists clearly shows that fat-oxidation efficiency can help explain the differential performance outcomes of endurance athletes. By adding a measured-dose of Caffeine to SFuels PRIMED we can support a more predictable method for athletes to raise their fat-oxidation efficiency. Using more fat as a fueling substrate, helps to spare muscle glycogen, and lower lactate production.”

“Second, caffeine’s effect on lowering the perception of effort or exertion has been well researched in scientific studies. This endurance enhancement has been tested and recognized by pro-athletes who have enjoyed drinking our current PRIMED formula over the last two years. We expect to see even more enhanced athletic performance with our 2nd gen SFuel PRIMED.”

“Now, we’ve added a 3rd dimension to SFuels PRIMED. When athletes are dosed consistently with both L-Carnitine and Caffeine together, research has shown improved L-Carnitine loading from the plasma into the muscle cell. Higher cellular L-Carnitine levels are showing the potential to restore (fructose induced) fuel transport inefficiencies. Furthermore, L-Carnitine loading studies highlight improved glycogen sparing at lower intensities, while more efficient glucose utilization, and lower lactate production at higher intensities. For these endurance enhancing reasons, in addition to the Caffeine we’ve added a 1000mg/dose of Acetyl-L-Carnitine to our 2nd Gen SFuels PRIMED formulation.”

SFuels PRIMED will be available for purchase at sfuelgolonger.com and at The Feed in late October, and at select U.S. Fleet Feet retailers. SFuels PRIMED can be sampled at the industry retailer conference during ‘The Running Event’ in Austin in November.”

SFuels PRIMED is Gluten-free. It contains no-added sugar, fructose or glucose. SFuels PRIMED comes in a 3.4 Gr single-serve sachet in the popular and refreshing watermelon flavor. Each serving provides an 80 mg measured dose of Caffeine, 1000 mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 1000 mg Taurine, plus Vitamins B3, B6, B12. SFuels PRIMED is available in single sachet to try & buy at MSRP of $2.30, and a convenient 10 pack at MSRP of $23 and includes the SFuels PRIMED usage guide. For more information please visit: https://www.sfuelsgolonger.com/products/primed

About SFuels

SFuels was founded in 2018 by Leighton and Nicole Phillips and is committed to providing clean nutrition products that provide the RIGHT FUEL at the RIGHT TIME for both optimum endurance, longer-lasting performance and peak health. The company emphasizes providing wholesome ingredients for performance in the moment and for long-term health and wellness. The SFuels product line has been meticulously formulated for use during low and high-intensity training-racing. All SFuels PRIMED products are gluten-free, with no fructose, no artificial flavors, colors or sugar alcohols. For more information please visit: https://www.sfuelsgolonger.com/products/primed or contact Nicole Phillips CEO and General Manager at 919 670 8451 |np@sfuelsgolonger.com