Session in a Bottle

March 10, 2020

Intelligent Training Aid

‘Session In A Bottle’ – The first of our Intelligent Training Aid products. Yes, we know hydration while poolside is important, and you should always have a session with you when swimming un-coached. Now you can have both without the usual soggy mess on poolside.

Your warmup and subset read around the top of the bottle, your choice of 6 main sets are read down the column mid bottle and a warm down,  again reads around the bottle.

Distance options on each bottle cover multiple race distances and coming soon is a Tech bottle which will have drills and skills that utilise videos from the sessioninabottle.com website.

The General and the 19 Bottle are available, with the 38 and Technical coming soon. Shipping worldwide, no problem.

A special technical swim paddle and a fins device are also in the pipeline which will help swimmers get more from their training.

The sessions are from our general fitness programs and training plans that have been utilised by Speedo ON, the Outdoor Swimming Society, Virgin Active and Swim Serpentine.

Swim For Tri has been coaching for nearly 20 years and was 220 Tri Coach of the year as far back as 2004.