ScienceTraining transforms the way coaches run their coaching businesses online

March 10, 2023

Athens, Greece – March 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Introducing ScienceTraining, a cloud-based platform that helps endurance coaches expand their coaching businesses by streamlining all of their coaching and business operations online.

Almost two years after its launch, ScienceTraining has already managed to build a robust feature set that is trusted by thousands of professional coaches worldwide. Devoted to offering multifaceted functionality, ScienceTraining takes endurance coaching to the next level. It helps coaches not only sharpen their coaching skills but also coach more athletes in less time which gives a boost to their productivity and helps them grow their coaching business. All in all, with Sciencetraining, coaches can better manage, interact, and communicate with their athletes.

A coaching platform for all

With ScienceTraining, coaches can focus on what they love to do: coaching, and improving their athletes’ performance. Regardless of their sports specialty — be it running, cycling, swimming, strength, triathlon, or duathlon — endurance coaches can upgrade their coaching services. This way, they can complete relevant tasks more efficiently and in less time.

Helping coaches put sport-science in action on a daily basis

Thanks to Science Training, coaches are now able to effortlessly create training plans for their athletes by making the most of the sports science algorithms implemented in the platform. The science behind ScienceTraining facilitates automated adjustments in the athletes’ training plans through data analysis of key performance indicators. In addition, coaches are able to easily monitor their athletes’ progress with smart performance charts that add value to the training decisions they make.

A team committed to empowering the coach-athlete relationship

The human aspect of the coach-athlete relationship is also a top priority for ScienceTraining. The platform serves as a close ally and business partner of coaches; helping them onboard, manage, interact, and communicate with their athletes in groups or one by one. With ScienceTraining, coaches are now able to increase both the value of their offering to their athletes and their coaching capacity.

Indeed, Empowering coaches was a core objective of the ScienceTraining creators. As Aris Myrkos, Co-founder and CEO of ScienceTraining put it: “In the AI era, I strongly believe that the coach-athlete relationship is too special and valuable to be replaced by technology”. Aris has a great track record of excelling as a sport scientist. An MSc holder and Ph.D. candidate in Exercise Physiology himself, Aris has trained more than 450 athletes throughout his career. So without a doubt he has a deep understanding of endurance coaching.

The same holds for the rest of the team. Behind the scenes, there are coaches and scientists who feel coaches’ pains, and fully understand what’s critical when it comes to training endurance athletes. This accumulated coaching experience has been fueling the development of the platform from the very beginning : “We are proud of how fast coaches recognize the value sciencetraining.io brings into the endurance coaching community.”

Explore the full range of ScienceTraining capabilities here.

About ScienceTraining

Science Training is a fitness software company that specializes in science-based endurance training. Their software solution is a cloud-based coaching platform that enables coaches to evaluate athletes’ performance and design personalized training plans. The solution integrates with the biggest wearable tech brands, including Garmin, Polar, Coros, Suunto, Strava, and Wahoo. Designed by coaches and exercise physiologists, the team is ever-expanding expanding ScienceTraining’s feature set and partnerships to provide real value to endurance coaches, all over the world, and help them better support their athletes. For more information, go to https://www.sciencetraining.io or follow us on instagram and facebook.

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