San Francisco Marathon Unveils Alexi Pappas as Global Ambassador for an Unforgettable Race Experience

July 10, 2023

San Francisco, CA – JULY 10, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The San Francisco Marathon is thrilled to announce a momentous partnership with renowned athlete and advocate Alexi Pappas as a Global Ambassador and introduce the highly anticipated “Alexi Pappas SFM 10K” race.

This race is designed to capture the essence of Alexi’s energy, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence. The Alexi Pappas SFM 10K promises to be an unforgettable event, featuring a dynamic course that showcases the iconic landmarks of San Francisco and the city’s vibrant running community.

This alliance represents a powerful collaboration that nurtures Alexi’s unwavering passion for running while providing her with a race she can proudly call home. With the invaluable support of Alexi Pappas, the San Francisco Marathon is dedicated to curating an extraordinary race experience brimming with excitement, fun, and a touch of glitter.

“I am beyond thrilled to join the San Francisco Marathon family and to be part of this wonderful organization,” said Pappas. “I grew up watching my dad run road races in the Bay Area. It’s how I first fell in love with running, and joining this team hand-in-hand as we work to push the sport forward is truly special and an honor. I will pour myself into making sure all runners feel like it’s the best place for them to share space with other runners of all abilities. There’s going to be glitter, there’s going to be joy, but also space for a range of emotions because people run for their own unique personal reasons. I’m here for them, and together we will make this 10k an amazing day.”

Alexi Pappas is a shining star in the world of athletics and a sterling example of the resonance of women’s voices as leaders in sports today. Her unwavering commitment to the sport, vibrant personality, and inspiring journey embodies the spirit of the San Francisco Marathon. As a Global Ambassador, Alexi Pappas will play an instrumental role in shaping the race and creating an unparalleled experience for all participants, providing advisory and consultative support to the organization.

“The San Francisco Marathon team is working diligently to ensure that every runner who participates in the Alexi Pappas SFM 10K has an exceptional race experience,” said Lauri Abrahamsen of Jumping Fences, Inc. “From meticulously planned routes to top-notch race amenities, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. With the expertise and guidance of Alexi Pappas, we are confident in delivering an event that will leave participants feeling inspired, motivated, and proud of their achievements.”

The San Francisco Marathon, in collaboration with Alexi Pappas, invites runners from around the globe to join us for the inaugural Alexi Pappas SFM 10K. This race promises to celebrate athleticism, camaraderie, and the vibrant spirit of San Francisco.

For more information about the Alexi Pappas SFM 10K and to register for the event, please visit www.thesfmarathon.com/10k


About Alexi Pappas:

A native of Alameda, California, Pappas has become one of the most notable figures in the sport of running. A Greek-American dual citizen, Pappas competed in the 10,000-meter run at the 2016 Olympic Games, where she established a Greek national record. Her memoir Bravey became an Amazon bestseller and positioned Pappas as a leading voice on the topic of mental health. Pappas has been profiled in The New York Times, NPR, Sports Illustrated, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, and The Atlantic. A young adult edition of Bravey is set for publication on August 22, 2023.

About San Francisco Marathon:

The San Francisco Marathon is one of the premier running events in the world, attracting thousands of participants from all corners of the globe. Since its inception, the San Francisco Marathon has been committed to delivering exceptional race experiences while showcasing the city’s stunning beauty and unique culture. The event offers a variety of race distances to accommodate runners of all skill levels, from beginners to elite athletes.