RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring Releases Intelligent Dashboard

November 10, 2020

Now with Real-Time Progress Reporting for Timers

November 10, 2020 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup | GiveSignup announces RaceDay Scoring’s advanced dashboard with real-time reporting features. RaceDay Scoring now offers industry timers quick access to valuable data and instant insights through RaceDay Scoring’s race dashboard and reporting metrics for timed events. By curating the most important data and delivering a graphical display in RaceDay Scoring’s timer dashboard, timers now have quick and simplified access to race and participant data. Real-time updates on key metrics include number of start reads, finish reads, and drops, and timers are able to quickly drill into specific data for individual participants. RaceDay Scoring is well poised to support the increase in hybrid race experiences, including on-site events with multiple and flexible start times.

“Event organizers are responding to the current Covid-19 challenges by offering hybrid event experiences that include a mix of participant experience options, including virtual, challenge, and live on-site events. The live on-site events are supporting social distancing by providing more openness around the event with additional course routes, multiple start times, or an expanded race window that spans over days versus the traditional single race day. This all takes greater management from the timer and these new improvements in RaceDay Scoring’s reporting dashboard help to simplify the process and deliver essential data quickly. RaceDay Scoring along with our other Race Day products are going to prove to be essential and competitive tools for timers during these Covid-19 times,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup | GiveSignup.

RaceDay Scoring’s timer dashboard provides a global view of all active events/courses for a given race with the ability to quickly drill into a specific courses for additional details. The global dashboard view provides rolled up participant progress statistics for each course and includes the number of participants, the number of start reads and finish reads, and the drops for each event. This gives timers a valuable, at-a-glance tool to quickly determine if there are potential issues on the course and to be able to immediately provide updates to race organizers as needed.

Drilling down into the course or event level, timers using RaceDay Scoring have access to the most essential information such as top finishers, recent reads, total number of reads, and reads by timing location.  Timers simply hover over participant’s names to immediately see the status for the individual and can click on the participant’s name to view and alter their data. In addition, RaceDay Scoring now includes a drop management tool with indicators as to why a participant did not complete a course.

RaceDay Scoring is the endurance industry’s next generation in scoring software and is the planned replacement for The Race Director, one of the industry’s leading scoring solutions with more than 30 years scoring millions of finishers. Timers using other legacy scoring solutions are also transitioning to the newer RaceDay Scoring solution in order to support the changing needs of today’s events.

RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring is designed to be used for on-site timed events and can be used for both traditional and events offering flexible start and finish race windows. RaceDay Scoring integrates with all major timing hardware and registration platforms, and seamlessly integrates with RunSignup’s adjunct race day technology products. RunSignup offers RaceDay Scoring as part of the RaceDay Suite license. The suite license price starts at $150 and includes:

  • RaceDay Scoring
  • The Race Director
  • Free Checkin App
  • RaceDay Results delivery
  • Unlimited free TXT alerts for finisher results and split data
  • Free RaceDay Photo solution
  • Exclusive RaceJoy pricing arrangement for RaceDay Certified timers
  • Support Services

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