RunSignup Unveils Streamlined Pricing for RaceDay Suite and RaceDay Scoring

December 15, 2023

Simplified Cost Structure for Cutting-Edge Timer Technology

Moorestown, NJ—December 15, 2023/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – RunSignup, the leading registration and technology provider for endurance events in the United States, introduces a simplified pricing model for its RaceDay timer technology suite. Commencing January 1, 2024, timers can secure an annual RaceDay Suite subscription encompassing RaceDay Scoring, Race Director, RaceJoy, text alerts, and RaceDay Results for a flat yearly fee of $400. RunSignup Qualified Timer Partners meeting a 5,000 finisher threshold receive a discounted rate of $199.

Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup, commented on the new pricing strategy, stating, “Our continuing investment of major resources to improve RaceDay Scoring is not nearly covered by these fees, but are funded mostly by our registration business.  We want to continue to support the many third party scoring packages like RunScore, Agee, RMTiming, RaceTec, and CTLive. Our registration integration with Race Result will be complete by January. We continue to invest in RaceDay Scoring because we want to make sure we provide a modern solution for timers that meets their increasing needs.”

RunSignup provides timers with the well-known Race Director scoring solution and its successor, RaceDay Scoring. The next generation in scoring software, RaceDay Scoring is designed for today’s modern timer and adeptly scores in race situations with or without internet service and for a wide variety of course configurations. RunSignup’s scoring solutions are currently being used by close to 17,000 races across the country and 3.4 million finishers were scored during 2023.

RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite offers a comprehensive array of products tailored for today’s timers, facilitating real-time synchronization across multiple systems. From RaceDay registration and participant check-in to scored results, automated updates ensure timely and accurate information across all systems.

Timers utilizing RunSignup’s registration platform also have  access to an array of complimentary race-related technologies, including:

– RaceDay CheckIn App

– RaceDay Registration

– Custom Websites

– Advanced Email Solution

– RaceDay Photos for Online Photos

– RaceDay Results Distribution

About RunSignup

RunSignup, an employee owned company, is the leading event solution delivering the art of technology to endurance events and nonprofits. More than 28,000 events use our free and open platform to register 8 million annual participants, raise more than $2 Billion and grow their events. Our expertly crafted, open and all-in-one solution powers event revenue generation and supporter engagement through flexible registration, free event websites, free email marketing, integrated fundraising, and a suite of RaceDay tools. No subscriptions, no plans, no monthly fees.

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