RunSignup Launches RaceDay Photos V2.0 Advancement

April 9, 2021

Intelligent Auto Tagging of Bib Numbers

April 9, 2021 – Moorestown, NJ – GiveSignup | RunSignup announces RaceDay Photos V2.0 now with an artificial intelligence optimized bib tag recognition system. As part of RaceDay Photos V2.0 release, RunSignup has integrated with Tagily, a powerful bib tag recognition system crafted specifically around the unique needs of outdoor events such as running, walking, and cycling races. By using well-honed algorithms Tagily overcomes typical bib tag photo recognition issues and immediately delivers relevant search results. RaceDay Photos is a free photo platform designed for GiveSignup | RunSignup non-profit and for-profit events and includes participant and race organizer loading of photos, custom sponsor or race branding, results integration, and moderation features.

“I’m very proud of our RaceDay Photos platform and all that it ‘automagically’ does to sift through a ton of images to deliver up accurate photos. It is truly amazing the technology being applied and how it all comes together. This is just one of the ways we support our customers by helping them to provide technology-based services for their events that their participants want and appreciate,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of GiveSignup | RunSignup.

The RaceDay Photos V2.0 upgrade incorporates shifting from Google Vision for bib tagging to Tagily’s solution that is specifically designed to detect accurate bib numbers despite the typical race day photo recognition challenges. With Tagily, RaceDay Photos can now rapidly sift through crowds and detect bib numbers that are slanted, in the shade, wrinkled, or bended. All of this is done within seconds and participants can quickly search and be rewarded with their personal event photos. Cycling events automatically activate Tagily’s cycling mode for bib tag recognition algorithms specific to bike events.

GiveSignup | RunSignup events using RaceDay Photos are provided with a dedicated Photo web page on their event site with the ability to organize photos with custom albums based on specific categories or locations, such as Start and Finish,  for efficient photo searching. Events are able to apply a sponsor or race logo watermark overlay to photos, and can choose to allow participants to upload their own photos. In addition, RaceDay Photos offers the ability to integrate with individual and team race results so that photos and results information are displayed together.

RaceDay Photos V2.0 incorporates backend photo management and moderation features to further help with efficient photo searching and ensure appropriate content is published. Race organizers are able to filter tagged results, require manual pre-approval of participant posted photos, and scan for inappropriate images utilizing the RaceDay Photos’ integration with  Amazon’s Rekognition product.

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