RunSignup Launches New Race Announcer Feature

October 21, 2022

Direct Streaming of Announcer Screen from RaceDay Scoring

October 21, 2022, Moorestown, NJ /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ -RunSignup, the leading registration provider for U.S. endurance events, launches its new real-time race announcer feature. RunSigup’s RaceDay Scoring software, used by timers to score endurance events across the country, now offers an announcer screen that streams race participant information as they cross timing points on the course. This newest feature enables race announcers to make timely personal public recognition of race participants- an honored tradition of on-site endurance events.

“The race announcer’s role is an integral part of the official race day experience and adds positive energy to on-site events. The verbal reward of hearing your name as you cross the finish line is something we all cherish. So, we are pleased to introduce this newest feature to help race announcers quickly and confidently support participants,” said Bob Bickel, RunSignup’s CEO and founder.

The new race announcer feature is powered by RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring product and delivers up immediate information about race participants, including name, bib number, the event they are completing, city they reside, age group they are competing in, and if it is their birthday. Event timers can set up different announcer streams based on various locations of timing equipment so that announcers can add commentary as participants complete different stages of the course. RaceDay Scoring’s comprehensive reporting features also offer announcers with leaderboard information that includes finish data and division placement information.

RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring offers event timers an affordable, flexible solution for scoring a wide variety of event types and conditions, including running, walking, relays, teams, cross country, cycling, triathlon, skiing, and water events. The integration with RunSignup’s registration, check-in app, bib management, results publishing, and photos provides timers with a seamless solution and overcomes many typical race day challenges.

The company offers additional announcer supportive tools, including its RaceDay CheckIn app and its RaceJoy app. The RaceDay CheckIn app offers a quick bib look-up feature and events can include custom questions that can be used by the announcer, such as whether it is the participant’s first marathon or if they are training for the Boston Marathon. In addition, announcers can use RaceJoy to track participants’ location on an interactive map and add commentary for those situated nearby. Announcers can also use RaceJoy to extend their reach to participants out on the course by sending supportive or important informative messages to participants by using the backend dashboard and customized MP3 audio or text-to-speech technology.

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