RunSignup Announces Real-Time Strategy and Technology Advancements

June 4, 2024

Innovation to Improve Participant and Spectator Experience

Moorestown, NJ /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – RunSignup, the leading registration and technology provider for endurance events in the United States, announces the launch of its next-generation race day technology, featuring real-time data integration for endurance events. RunSignup continues to discover and expand functionality across its RaceDay products and with third party technology partners. The company is unveiling several new race day technology advancements at RunSignup University on June 11 that include real-time chip timing alerts now in RaceJoy, a revamped Mobile Timing App, and expanded integration with third party technology partners.

“We are excited to introduce our next-generation race day technology at RunSignup University. By leveraging the ways to access the power of real-time data, we are delivering innovation that improves the backend operations and the overall race day experience. Our commitment is to ensure that every race, regardless of size, can deliver an exceptional real-time experience through accessible and advanced technology,” comments Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

RaceDay Scoring V4

At the core of RunSignup’s real-time race day strategy is RaceDay Scoring V4, an open platform designed to process real-time chip data efficiently. Built on the powerful Rust software language that emphasizes performance and concurrency, RaceDay Scoring V4 can instantly process the extensive data generated at the largested of events and processed through modern timing systems. For instance, a 27,000-person race recently managed through RaceDay Scoring received 245,484 reads, demonstrating the system’s robust capacity to handle large volumes of data seamlessly in real time.

New Features for Real-Time Race Day

The new features, set to debut at RunSignup University, include:

RaceJoy Real-Time: RunSignup’s RaceJoy App will unveil real-time RFID chip data alerts to work alongside its existing continuous GPS tracking. Timers can now offer RaceJoy as an affordable and simplified way to deliver officially scored real-time progress alerts and results. This release expands RaceJoy’s usage to all participants of a given race versus for just those that carried their phone and opted for RaceJoy’s tracking. Chip-timed alerts will be issued real-time as in-app notifications to any followers of any individual participants, as well as to participants carrying phones with RaceJoy. The number of alerts will vary based on the timing equipment on the course. For example, a simple start-finish setup will receive an alert when participants finish. Races with, for example 4 split point sets of timing equipment, will generate 5 alerts – 4 splits plus a finish. All delivered in real-time. This update builds upon popular RaceJoy features like cheer sending, participant location viewing, off-course alerts, and post-race meet-ups.

Mobile Timing App: Significant upgrades are underway for RunSignup’s free RaceDay Mobile Timing App, supporting its role as both a backup recorder for large races and a scoring tool for smaller or remote events. A completely redesigned product, from the backend to the user interface, is being launched this summer. Plans for additional advancements include real-time announcer screen displays tied to chip timing equipment, real-time photo uploads, and live streaming to YouTube.

Local Real-Time Streaming for Partners: The local RaceDay Scoring API will be accessible via Websockets, allowing third parties to develop real-time display technologies. This includes leaderboards and mid-course display boards, providing participants with instant, published feedback on their performance.

These new advancements build upon RunSignup’s existing real-time RaceDay Suite of technology supporting the needs of today’s timers, including:

– Open Real-Time Chip System Support: RaceDay Scoring V4 works seamlessly with major chip timing equipment brands such as MyLaps, ChronoTrack, and Race Result, among others. This ensures compatibility and flexibility for timers using various systems and ensures integrated access to data.

RaceDay CheckIn App: Known as the “game changer” for races, RunSignup’s free RaceDay CheckIn App facilitates real-time participant check-ins, bib assignments, and swag management. RaceDay CheckIn App use of QR codes and dynamic bib assignments enables races to deliver a highly efficient check-in process. Plus, the recent new functions of using the app as a Results kiosk and medical tent check-in, offer more examples of the way RunSignup is discovering new ways to provide valuable technology.

RunSignup Timing Alerts: RunSignup provides real-time txt and email alerts for splits and finish times.This new generation will now also provide in-app alerts in RaceJoy.

Commitment to Open and Accessible Technology

RunSignup’s Open API allows millions of race results from various scoring platforms to be integrated seamlessly. This commitment to an open platform ensures that technology providers can continue to develop and integrate additional capabilities, enhancing the overall race day experience.

Affordable Solutions for Timers and Races

All RaceDay tools are available to timers for an annual fee of $199, which includes technical support from RunSignup. Timers can leverage these tools to offer advanced features for their races. Tools such as RaceJoy and the RaceDay CheckIn app help to create a superior experience for participants and spectators alike. Timers offering RaceJoy are required to complete the RaceJoy Timer Certification program.

These updates aim to make the participant and spectator experience exceptional, with a focus on customization and ease of use.

About RunSignup

RunSignup, an employee owned company, is the leading event solution delivering the art of technology to endurance events and nonprofits. More than 28,000 events use our free and open platform to register 9 million annual participants, raise more than $2.6 Billion and grow their events. Our expertly crafted, open and all-in-one solution powers event revenue generation and supporter engagement through flexible registration, free event websites, free email marketing, integrated fundraising, and a suite of RaceDay tools. No subscriptions, no plans, no monthly fees.

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