RunSignup Announces RaceJoy Anywhere for Virtual Events

May 15, 2020

Official Mobile Race Experience From Any Location

May 15, 2020 –Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup announces RaceJoy Anywhere now available in the industry’s leading race day mobile app, RaceJoy. Virtual event organizers can now offer RaceJoy for both location independent and defined course route race experiences for participants of running, walking, cycling, and water events. RaceJoy delivers an official interactive race experience that supports the social distancing needs of today’s climate while providing real-time engagement with participants. RaceJoy’s key features include live phone tracking of participants, remote spectator cheer sending, audio progress alerts at every mile, and virtual scored results. Race organizers are able to actively engage with participants through custom audio messages that play as the participant completes their event and through direct communication tools. With more than a million users, RunSignup’s RaceJoy is the industry’s leading mobile race application and is available through RaceDay Certified timers.

“Our industry has quickly responded to the challenges of Covid-19 by transitioning to virtual event options. With this growing number of virtual events, race organizers are looking for ways to capture tangible elements that make a true race experience and to differentiate their virtual event from others. RaceJoy is uniquely designed to do just that while supporting the need for social distancing. The launch of RaceJoy Anywhere opens up the opportunity for RaceJoy to be provided at all types of virtual events – from purely virtual race to more hybrid race experiences. By tapping into the power of technology event organizers can deliver a whole new race experience that we predict will be long lasting and a component of the future traditional events,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup and GiveSignup.

Virtual races can offer RaceJoy for events that are location independent along with providing defined course routes for a single day or expanded amount of time. RaceJoy Anywhere enables location independent participants to feel connected and part of an official race experience. Whether completing the course from home or at the race site, RaceJoy features are similar with the ability to have friends and family track the participant’s phone position and send audio cheer messages. The participant can manage their performance with continual audio progress alerts that are sent at every mile and include pace and estimated finish times. Those on site have the added benefit of off course alerts, access to an interactive course map, and directional audio cues.

Race organizers are able to further their official race experience with automatic user submitted results in RaceJoy by enabling RunSignup’s free Virtual Results bot. As the participant completes the designated finish distance or on-site finish line, RaceJoy automatically submits the participant’s finish data. This is then displayed in the results area of RaceJoy and other predetermined results outlets such as the event’s Website.

Virtual races create an official race experience in RaceJoy using custom branding and content components and an in-app race news system. In addition, organizers are able to create an experience that is uniquely theirs by adding distance-based audio messages to play as participants complete milestones. Those with defined course routes can add geo-based audio messages, including directional cues, pointing out local sponsors, and other points of interest.  In addition, race organizers are able to communicate directly with individuals in audio format and track the progress of participants from their race day monitoring dashboard.

More information will be provided at RunSignup’s RaceJoy Anywhere Webinar to be held on May 20.

RunSignup’s RaceJoy is available through RaceDay Certified Timers. All timers who wish to become certified are welcome to attend the free online certification training on May 19. Existing Certified Timers are invited to attend RaceJoy Anywhere product training on May 28.

About RunSignup

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