RunSignup Announces RaceDay Experience for Virtual Events

April 7, 2020

Solo Participant and Remote Spectator Interactive Race Experience

April 7, 2020 –Moorestown, NJ –RunSignup announces its RaceDay Virtual Experience for virtual events, for an authentic, socially connected race day experience with RunSignup’s mobile app, RaceJoy, and RaceDay Virtual Results – all while supporting the requirements for social distancing. RaceJoy connects solo participants with remote spectators and offers key features of live phone tracking of participants, remote spectator cheering, and audio progress alerts at every mile. The interactive course maps, off course alerts, and directional audio cues help to keep the participants on course. RunSignup’s RaceDay Virtual Results provide flexible submission of participant results, text and email alerts for friends and family, and real-time scored comparative results. Virtual events have the flexibility to be open for a range of days or weeks and with multiple course options to ensure the safety of participants.

“It is truly amazing to see the creativity and rapid response in our industry during this very difficult time. The shift to virtual events has been immediate and people all over the country are responding. RaceJoy combined with RaceDay Virtual Results gives races the opportunity to deliver a unique virtual event with more of those things we all love about traditional races. Instead of running alone, participants can feel connected and a sense of accomplishment that goes with completing a race. We are very excited to help our partner races and timers quickly innovate and expect many new approaches will be part of the ‘new normal’ for events in the future,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup and GiveSignup.

RunSignup offers virtual events with participant submitted Virtual Results and the ability for friends and family to receive finish alerts through email or text messages. Participants have multiple opportunities to submit results, including from RaceJoy, their RunSignup profile, and the event’s registration and results pages. Submitted results are then scored and delivered to the outlets determined by the event, including their race website and RaceJoy. RaceDay Virtual Results is available for all virtual event types, including those with a “run anywhere” option or defined course routes.

RunSignup’s race day mobile app, RaceJoy, is the industry’s leading race day tracking app with more than one million users. RaceJoy’s live phone tracking enables remote spectators and race organizers to track participants’ GPS position on the official course map(s) and provide more traditional results based on participants completing the same course routes. Remote spectators can safely show their support from their home by sending encouraging audio cheer messages. In addition, participants receive real-time progress alerts at every mile to help manage their progress. Events can create multiple courses and offer a wide time range for completion to encourage social distancing.

RaceJoy provides race organizers with an interactive race day system with geo-based audio points and monitoring dashboard. Organizers can engage with participants by scheduling audio files to play when participants cross select points on the course to provide directional cues, supportive messages, or point out interesting points along the course. The monitoring dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of those on the course, a progress board, split data, route replay verification, and off course reports. Race organizers can help keep participants on course through RaceJoy’s off course alerts, directional cues, and participants’ access to the interactive course map.

In addition, RaceJoy  provides race organizers with real-time communications tools to communicate important guidelines or unexpected changes regarding their virtual event. RaceJoy’s communications tools include in-app news notices, banner ads, and direct-to individual or group audio messages.

RaceJoy is available through RaceJoy Certified Timers and for events with defined course routes. RunSignup is offering RaceJoy Timer Certification on April 21.

About RunSignup

RunSignup is the leading all-in-one platform for endurance, virtual, and fundraising events. More than 21,000 races, supporting over 8,000 nonprofits, use RunSignup’s free and integrated solution to save time, grow their events, and raise more. Built on a powerful CRM, RunSignup delivers the art of technology to power the entire race cycle, with promotional tools, registration, a full fundraising platform, and a suite of RaceDay products – including the participant-tracking app, RaceJoy,and race timing software, RaceDay Scoring. For more information, visit www.runsignup.com.