RunSignup Announces Corral Management for Social Distancing

July 24, 2020

Advanced Corral Time Manager for On-Site Events

July 24, 2020 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup announces its advanced corral time management system to support the social distancing needs of on-site running and cycling events. The latest release of RunSignup’s corral management system supports events who are adjusting their approach to meet the regulatory and industry demands for a safe experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. RunSignup’s latest corral management release offers extended capabilities to automatically support social distancing by managing the timeframes in which participants are to complete their course. Race organizers are able to easily manage the number of participants who will be on a course for a given time period based upon their own custom parameters.

“With the increasing need to support a safe environment for areas with Covid-19 restrictions, this latest release of our corral management system enables organizers to limit the number of people on the course for a given time. It is another way in which organizers can assure local officials they are taking intentional steps towards supporting a safe experience and the need for social distancing,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup and GiveSignup.

RunSignup’s corral management system includes an easy-to-use corral builder, custom settings, and reporting tools. Race organizers are able to configure corral times with custom size limits. Participants can automatically be assigned to corrals upon registration for the race depending on their estimated finish time. Bib assignments can also be set up to reflect specific corral times. Organizers are able to adjust their settings to meet their unique needs and quickly see an at-a-glance view of the number of participants allocated to each corral time.

RunSignup’s latest release of its corral management system is one of its many technology tools now available for events responding to the impact of Covid-19. Additional resources races can take advantage of include:

  • Robust Virtual Challenge event solution, including support for teams and cross country events
  • RaceJoy’s virtual race with participant tracking, remote cheer, and custom audio experience
  • User submitted virtual scored results
  • Virtual photo
  • Registration solution supporting virtual and challenge events

RunSignup’s tools are designed to support race anywhere and on-site events with expanded race dates. Races wanting more information can send inquires to info@runsignup.com.

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