ROUVY presents Challenge Family The Championship location in 360°

November 24, 2022

ROUVY rolled out the first-ever triathlon virtual route in 360°. The Championship in Samorin, Slovakia is one of the most popular Challenge Family’s events for middle distance and Olympic triathlons. ROUVY’s freshly released OmniMode™ is the next generation of the ROUVY indoor cycling app, providing the athlete with improved features and a 360° range of views to create an even more immersive cycling experience.

Prague, Czech Republic / November 24, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ –  Going 360°, ROUVY’s event experience is about to become a new industry standard. The new concept provides athletes with enhanced levels of in-ride group interactivity, fun and competition. Starting with Samorin now, other cool locations will follow. Samorin is a small town on the Danube River with 800 years’ history and a rich tradition of sport. It is a great location to take trips to Western Slovakia, Austria or Hungary – by bike, horse, boat or car. THE CHAMPIONSHIP event has taken place at the incredible x-bionic® sphere in Samorin since 2017. The next one is set to be held on 23 May 2023. The 45 kms of the course on ROUVY represent the traditional and serene landscapes of the Slovakian countryside that alternatively can be explored at one’s own pace, but now in stunning 360° video panorama.

The new functionality adds rear camera views, panoramic views – “whip-pan fly around” and Improved elevation profile with the elongated course vision. Now it is possible to ride non-stop in the “look back mode” angle and enjoy the scenery in that position, or see who is riding with you in the back of the virtual peloton or who is about to attack. The ride experience features even more realistic gradients, especially on high-end trainers. OmniMode ensures enhanced level of interactivity for multi-rider experiences in group rides and races.

[ Demo video on YouTube ]

To see this opening chapter of virtual endurance sports in action, join the following official group ride, organized by ROUVY and Challenge Family as part of the Triathlon Fall Fest.

November 26th | Saturday 19:00 CET | GROUP RIDE IN SAMORIN


This is your chance to ride the legendary ‘The Championship’ course with a pro triathlete Ondrej Kubo on a group ride, through his native Slovakia, while he shares local tips and advice.
Register for the GR here (live zoom session here).

To enjoy and take advantage of all the features of the OmniMode, the ROUVY app should be updated to 2.15.0 version (or higher). New athletes are provided with a 14-day free trial experience (no credit card required) and upon buying, one subscription can be shared with 2 more household members. The apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices or Apple TV are available on https://rouvy.com/download.


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ROUVY is a digital platform for athletes all over the world to compete, ride or run with friends, complete workouts, and much more. ROUVY offers thousands of stunning video routes and workout options including the ability to race and ride through the entire route catalogue. With fully simulated and realistic efforts, ROUVY is the best option for the most demanding and toughest endurance athletes to be race-day ready. (OmniMode™ is a trademark name for the new 360° feature and multiplayer interactivity. All related rights are reserved.)

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