ROUVY CAREER 2.0 – Training Motivation as a Fun Cycling Adventure Around the World

December 30, 2021

ROUVY releases a new and exciting Career format, one of the platform's top features and the 6th Career Edition.

December 31, 2021 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – ROUVY releases a new and exciting Career format, one of the platform’s top features and the 6th Career Edition. ROUVY CAREER 2.0. presents a new, motivating and gamified version of a multi-year ongoing progression for cycling indoors and outdoors. Numerous improvements and added features include a non-limited period, 80 levels to move up gradually and special ROUVY Coins, as a type of fun exchange currency. Riders of all fitness levels, searching for added motivation, will find this the ideal starting point and a way to sustain their training realistically throughout the year, with the chances for real prizes. The new format allows gradual improvement while having fun racing or exploring routes all around the world.

October 1st, every year, was when ROUVY started over each new Career Season. That has now changed to make it ongoing and more inclusive. Whether a casual, beginner or highly competitive cyclist, the Career has a purpose and a goal suitable for everyone. All aspects are built seamlessly into the software to keep one going without getting stuck in a training rut or feeling that one has reached a plateau. The well known and spoken about Career feature has always seen riders’ fitness and engagement levels skyrocket, and this has been apparent, especially during the Covid pandemic when travel has been prohibitive. During the lock-downs for many, ROUVY was a life-saver, offering a real and fun cycling experience from all over the world in a few clicks.

The new format requires a long-term sustainable commitment to one’s training. A rider will have the ability to ride with others or alone, achieving one’s goals individually and socially on a daily indoor adventure. This approach will drive one further to achieve a higher fitness level sustainably on realistic courses in real places worldwide. A rider can progress at one’s own pace and at the same time strive to improve their unique abilities and potential while getting fitter at the same time and earning rewards along the way. Updated and more realistic avatars will add an enhanced 3D realism with more natural movements (coming soon) with a custom kit and accessories enhancements for each rider.

David Simon, Gamification Product Manager @ ROUVY, states, “This will push and inspire riders to reach their potential in a much more sustainable and fun way and in so doing be able to stay motivated in their training and specific regimens, whether it be casual riding or heavy competition all year round.”

New Improvements

  • No more Career restarts or strictly prescribed tasks.
  • 8 main Career levels with 10 sub-levels that show progress in detail.
  • One can compete with others on the platform or stay tuned to their own agenda.
  • Brand new aesthetically enhanced male and female avatar animations (coming shortly).
  • A new scoring system to keep things real and honest. Coins can be earned with any type of training activity: rides and workouts (events such as group rides and races to be ‘counted in’ a little later).
  • Achievements: ‘streak’ or ‘life-time’ denoted by accumulated distance, climbing, energy spent and time in the saddle. Also, additional coins can be earned with participation in races and challenges later on.

Prizes & Unlocks

  • As before, not only inside, but also outside activities in one’s training are counted during the winter and summer seasons (to be activated shortly).
  • New levels unlock after a certain number of coins which can be used to acquire new gear for the avatar such as a new helmet, jersey, gloves or advanced bike parts (coming soon).
  • ROUVY Career Partners, such as TrainingPeaks, Neversecond and others will be providing extra incentives to sweeten the progress.

Special registration is not needed but version 2.1.0 of the app is required. Every ROUVY user, from January 1st, 2021 with the first training activity in the New Year is automatically enrolled into the Career journey and has a chance to become a ROUVY LEGEND one day! More details can be found here.


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