ROUVY adds Gravel routes, support for STRAVA outdoor rides and Outdoor Achievements for more training fun and inspiration

June 23, 2022

ROUVY, the indoor cycling app, adds Strava outdoor cycling activities to ROUVY CAREER. Other platform updates include numerous new augmented routes, a fresh ‘Gravel & Off-road’ category and Outdoor Achievements.

Prague, Czech Republic / June 23, 2022/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – ROUVY is a digital cycling app that continuously changes the public perception of indoor training. This form of exercise, not long ago, was a very boring form of the winter training. Today, with ROUVY, it is a definition of fun fitness and virtual tourism “on a bike from home”, in one package all year round. Virtually visit the often dreamt famous places and cities to stay fit! Along with numerous releases of stunning augmented routes from New Zealand, Japan, Italy and USA, ROUVY published a “Gravel & off-road” route category. There, one can visit the famous MTB climbs and race locations in the National Parks of South Africa, Czech Republic, Romania and other countries.

Would one use his or her trainer actively in the summer? There are numerous reasons to do that. Additionally, now one can just take outdoor rides to ROUVY that combines outdoor and indoor activities. Any athlete or fitness enthusiast, registered on ROUVY and uploading activities to Strava, automatically enrolls to a fun virtual journey around the world to become a ‘Legend’ one day. From now on, the outdoor rides will produce earnings in the rider’s account and will help to proceed in the Career levels faster. Coins earned can be used for the virtual avatar upgrades (once released) or real prize rewards where available, sponsored by ROUVY’s partners. ROUVY members also have the benefit of keeping all their indoor and outdoor activities in the web training diary in one place, allowing for further analysis and precise planning.

Along with the STRAVA outdoor rides, the team at ROUVY rolled out the ‘Outdoor Achievements’ to provide a more engaged way to track the logged miles. The more one rides outside, the more places he or she explores, the more they achieve and enjoy their Career on ROUVY! Achievements are based on distance covered, calories burned, meters climbed and vary in difficulty range, from easy up to the very tough ones, requiring thousands of covered kms.

Athletes need to have a valid subscription and an up-to-date app to be able to upload outdoor activities into ROUVY. The activity can be imported via the automatic sync with STRAVA app only (no 3rd party providers are supported in this case). Upon turning on, all “cycling” activities will sync automatically to the ROUVY Cloud. More details can be found here and in the ROUVY Club on Strava here.


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ROUVY is an indoor cycling platform for athletes all over the world to compete, ride with friends for fun, complete workouts or build the Career. ROUVY offers thousands of exciting virtual locations and workout options including the ability to race and ride through the almost endless route catalogue. With fully simulated and realistic efforts, ROUVY is the best option for both the casual rider and the most highly trained and fit athlete. On ROUVY, riders can achieve their own individual goals, and find training fulfillment while keeping it just as realistic indoors as it is outside.


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