Revolutions in Fitness offers Global Video Fit Consultations

June 17, 2020

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Revolutions in Fitness, a comprehensive health and fitness facility, announces expanded services in the world of bike fitting with Video Fit Consultations.

The Revolutions in Fitness team are regarded as Best in Class Fitters and are trusted by elite cyclists (such as Christian Vande Velde, Tour de France, and Megan Guarnier, Olympian) and recreational bike enthusiasts alike. We can help both indoor and outdoor cyclists pedal free of pain so that they can reach their goals.

“Shelter in Place certainly doesn’t mean ‘Suffer in Place’. Right now, solo rides and virtual indoor group rides are wonderful options for maintaining or even improving our physical and emotional health. Clients want to avoid injuries caused by a poor bike fit, whether they are the proud owner of a new Peloton or a long-time outdoor cyclist. We are happy to offer our Video Fit Consultations to clients around the globe,” said Curtis Cramblett, founder of Revolutions in Fitness.

Indoor cyclists, such as this Peloton owner, are noticing positive improvements.

“I’ve been doing daily bike rides since our session, at the adjusted height for the seat and handles and it’s been great! Big difference. [I’m] easily able to pull from hamstrings and glutes without getting into my neck. Adjustments have been great, I’m thrilled we could figure this out.” – P.S.

The Revolutions In Fitness team are able to treat patients of all abilities and with all types of injury history. They have had great success at working with clients to rehabilitate and prevent further injury so that they can meet their goals.

“…For the first time in many years, I do not feel pain. I am the strongest I have ever been on the bike. My fitness level has now passed a level I had before the accident and I still have room to improve. I went from not knowing what could happen in the future back in August 2019 to being able to write my own future. Curtis has been there giving support this whole time….I cannot thank the guys at Revolutions in Fitness enough for getting me this far.” –Crystal Hootman

 Bike Fit is a process not a product

For a limited time, Revolutions in Fitness will offer a FREE Video Fit Consultation — just take a short video of you riding and send it to BikeFit@RevolutionsInFitness.com along with a description of how you feel on the bike and your riding goals. This can be out on the road, indoors on a trainer, or on one of the many dedicated indoor cycling bikes — if you are pedaling, we want to see it. We’ll follow up with some key points from the video in relation to your experience and set up a time to connect and talk about the results. Let’s get you started on the road to being healthier and happier on your bike!

Also, Revolutions in Fitness offers a choice in Fit Packages.

Shelter in Place Fit Package: 2 for 1!!!

If you are stuck with an aching body and a bike that just doesn’t feel right, don’t put off making changes! Sign up now for a two-for-one package that includes:

  • An hour-long Video Fit Consultation to start making progress and try out some changes, including a 15 minute follow-up call to check in after two weeks.
  • When in-person fits open up again, a 2-hour session to drill down into the details of the bike and body.

Yearly Fit Subscription

Bike fitting is a long-term process rather than a one time service. As your fitness/health changes, so too will your bike fit. To help make the investment in that process manageable, Revolutions in Fitness is now offering a yearly fit subscription. Purchase three sessions for the year — a 2 hour initial fit to start, a 1 hour follow-up mid-year, and a 1 hour follow-up heading into winter with goals for improvement. You pick the time and the focus, and we will work together with you to get the results you want.  The Yearly Fit Subscription allows us to follow changes in the bike and your body because we know at the start that we are working together long-term to meet your goals.  Reach out now and sign up for a new year of better comfort and performance. Sign up now and get your 2nd follow-up visit free! 

 You can schedule online at RevolutionsInFitness.com, email: office@RevolutionsInFitness.com or call (650) 260-4743.

To stay up to date with the latest information regarding Video Fit Consultations and Bike Fits, like @RevolutionsInFitness on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information about the Video Fit Consultation program, visit https://revolutionsinfitness.com/video-fit-consultation

About Revolutions in Fitness

Revolutions in Fitness is a physical therapist-owned comprehensive health and fitness facility that provides a range of services and products to enhance human performance, including comprehensive bike fitting, physical therapy, and efficiency analyses. Revolutions in Fitness’ primary goal is to promote and facilitate optimal health and well-being. They are committed to helping clients from professional athletes to first-timers either regain or maintain an active lifestyle, as well as increase performance and decrease the amount of recovery time needed.