Revolutionizing Athletic Training: Humango Unveils the Enhanced Hugo with ChatGPT Integration

December 5, 2023

Creating A Greater Personalization to Meet Training Goals

Boulder, CO, December 5th, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/Humango, a leader in AI-powered athletic training solutions, today introduces ChatGPT seamlessly integrated with the upgraded Hugo. This game-changing development for expert advice tailored to race and fitness goals brings more versatile and natural conversations to the forefront, offering athletes an unrivaled training experience with upgraded personalizations, conversational interaction and user experience.

Hugo, a personal coaching assistant that acts as an AI digital coach, just got smarter by integrating the Large Language Model (LLM). Humango has augmented Hugo’s capabilities to make the fitness journey more personalized, adaptable, and engaging. With this integration, Hugo can help customize a plan – schedule a day off, increase or reduce the intensity of workouts, report an injury or sickness. Through conversational interaction users can ask questions or seek advice. It is now easier to navigate, receive customized information, and stay motivated on the fitness journey.

Eric Abecassis, CEO, and Founder at Humango, commented, “The natural language interactions and reasoning capabilities of large language models are a real breakthrough in the AI field. We are now combining these superpowers with Humango’s AI analytics and monitoring capabilities already in place, extending it with curated coaching knowledge and teaching Hugo how to help users navigate and take in-app actions on their behalf. This is paving the way for delivering the next frontier in AI coaching.”

With the enhanced Hugo, powered by ChatGPT, Humango continues to redefine the athletic training landscape, making world-class training and support accessible to athletes of all levels. Explore the future of athletic training with Hugo’s ChatGPT integration and to learn more visit humango.ai/hugo

About Humango

Humango is a trailblazing company in the field of AI-driven athletic training solutions. With a mission to empower athletes to achieve their best, Humango utilizes advanced AI technology to provide personalized training plans and support. Through innovation, research, and a commitment to athlete success, Humango is changing the game in athletic training.