Rev Energy Gum to be Named the First Official Energy Gum for Spartan US Starting in 2022

January 5, 2022

Spartans Prepare to Take Your Race to the Next Level by Powering Up with Rev Energy Gum on Race Day

Boston, Mass. (January 5, 2022)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Starting in 2022, Rev Energy Gum launching in early 2022 is set to become the sugar free, portable, fast acting energy solution for the world’s leading endurance sport and wellness brand Spartan®. With a special formula that brings consumers the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso in a single piece, Rev Energy Gum is the energy source that will help keep Spartan Racers moving.

Rev gum will be offering free samples to all participants across the 55+ Spartan Race schedule and at all 8 of Deka “Decathlon of Fitness” Open events in the US. Athletes can expect to see the brand and festival activation hitting the course as early as February 2022.

“Getting the right amount of Energy delivered at the optimal time can be the difference between winning and losing an endurance race”.  We are so excited to partner with Rev Gum and give our Spartan athletes an innovative way to energize during the race.” – said Ian Lawson VP Global Partnerships at Spartan.


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One late night in the library while cramming for a college biochemistry exam, Rev’s founder, Blake, began his search for a much needed energy boost. Too late for coffee shops and too early to head home, the search ended at a vending machine filled with high-sugar energy drinks. Being a type-1 diabetic, the only viable solution to staying awake was chewing sugar-free gum. IT was at that moment the idea for REV was born.