ReSport announces real-time trail mapping with photographs and video

December 22, 2023

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ ReSport announces the launch of an ultra-portable device that mounts on the back of a bicycle to document bike paths and other trails in real time, producing maps similar to Google Street View. The device captures 360-degree photos from tiny cameras within the housing, tracks location, and can stream video while the route is in progress.

The camera system is durable, weatherproof, lightweight, and able to function online or offline. Powered by a small mobile phone power bank, it also has the capability to document and map waterways when mounted on a boat.

ReSport provided the system for Paulie’s Push, a tribute to the flight crews who lost their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. From mid-August to September 11, former flight attendant Paulie Veneto pushed a beverage cart over 300 miles from Newark Airport to Shanksville, Pennsylvania to honor the memory of United flight 93 while the camera system provided real-time location updates and photos along the route.

In addition to mobile mapping, ReSport produces virtual events for organizations around the world, including British Rowing, the Invictus Games, and Events Southwest. ReSport also provides an advanced map-based registration platform to organizations like New York Parks & Trails.

To learn more about the tracking camera system:


ReSport can be contacted at jeff@ReSport.io