Reset your cycling season with training plans from pro cyclist Emma Grant and Velocious master coach Tim Cusick

May 14, 2020

(Carlisle, Pennsylvania, May 2020) Each of us has a different way of dealing with the pandemic, and each of us has our own challenges, whether tragic like the death of a loved one or crushing like the loss of your job or small business. Many of us are lucky to have only the challenges of lockdown boredom or the lack of social contact with family and friends, but professional athletes face additional challenges of lost hopes, dreams, and goals, along with an entire rearrangement of their life and attitude. Emma Grant is a promising young pro cyclist for Team TWENTY20 who has been growing in her career, pushing through her own physical barriers, and was ready to move to the top in 2020. She has worked hard with Coach Tim Cusick and has developed into an elite professional road cyclist, earning a stunning victory when she won the final stage and overall title in the pro women’s 2019 Cascade Cycling Classic.

Emma has decided to deal with the pandemic in a very positive and productive way. “We are all being challenged to adapt and make the best out of a new and challenging situation,” she comments, “and we athletes are finding that the coping skills we’ve developed through sport are very apt for life in general. Once you’ve allowed yourself an appropriate amount of time to wallow in the disappointment of race cancellations, take some time to ask yourself the pertinent question of whether you need to use this time to maintain or build fitness.”  Off Season 2.0: The Opportunity

Emma chose to continue building her fitness and to use this downtime to raise money for NoKidHungry by completing an Everest Challenge, riding up and down her local Mt. Lemmon climb enough times to equal the elevation of Mt. Everest (29,088 feet, 194.57 miles) in one long day of riding. She raised $7,500, giving 50,000 meals to hungry kids!

Because there are lots of other competitive cyclists out there wondering what to do with their training, Emma and her coach, Tim Cusick, have teamed up to develop two eight-week training plans for this season of few events and races, with Tim creating the workouts and Emma contributing pro tips and advice. One of the plans will help you maintain your fitness, and the other will help you increase your fitness. Check out both plans here.

Coach Tim Cusick believes that regular, moderate training, along with good nutrition and rest, will help you keep your immune system charged and your mental stress lowered. Emma and Tim hope that these training plans will keep you motivated and focused on the horizon. Read more of Emma Grant’s Covid-19 training philosophy here.

 All proceeds from these plans will help Emma Grant continue to pursue her dreams of the pro podium.

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Click here for more information about these plans. You can also contact Kathy at team@velociouscyclingadventures.com or 717-515-1385.