Records Broken and USATF Champions Crowned at Jackpot Ultra

February 20, 2020

Donations Made in Honor of Blind Runners Completing First Ultra

Donations Made in Honor of Blind Runners Completing First Ultra

HENDERSON, NEVADA – February 20, 2020 – Beyond Limits Running, the owner and producer of the annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, Southern Nevada’s premier ultra-running endurance event, was honored to crown this year’s USA Track & Field 100 Mile Road National Champions.  Mark Hammond defended his title by finishing first in the men’s division of the USATF Championship Race with a course record time of 13:04, while Marisa Lizak took first in the women’s field with a course record time of 15:15. Jake Jacobson and John Noll finished second and third, respectively, in the men’s field with times of 13:33 and 13:52, respectively.  Ashley Truan and Connie Gardner finished second and third, respectively, in the women’s field with times of 16:32 and 17:50, respectively. $8,000 in prize money was paid to the USATF podium finishers, with the first-place finishers earning $3,000 each.  Ken Rubeli, co-founder of Beyond Limits Running and co-race director of Jackpot stated, “It’s always fun watching elite runners push beyond limits to post incredibly fast times. Elite ultra-runners deserve to be recognized alongside major sports athletes and by paying cash prizes for Jackpot podium finishers, we are doing our little part to help elevate the sport of ultra-runner and support elite ultra-runners.”

With 7 ultra-races occurring throughout the multi-day Jackpot Festival, there were several other notable performances.  Edward “Fast Eddie” Rousseau set a new all-time USATF 100 Mile 80-84 Age Division Record with a time of 30:07.  Eddie stated, “While I was well trained, I must admit the last few miles crawled painfully slow.  Thankfully I had my good friend Erin crewing me and her positive support helped keep me going.”  In other Jackpot races, blind runners Terri Rupp and Pedro Navarro completed their first ultra-race with a heavy 50K finish of 32.5 miles each.  In recognition of their inspirational performances, Beyond Limits Running was honored to donate $2,500 to The National Federation of the Blind of Nevada and $2,500 to Achilles International of Las Vegas.  Stephanie Rubeli, co-founder of Beyond Limits Running and co-race director of Jackpot commented, “We started our company to celebrate people overcoming challenges to push beyond limits and accomplish feats others might deem impossible.  Seeing Terri and Pedro cross the finish line brought tears to my eyes as it proved anything is possible with hard work and a positive attitude.”

The 8th Annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival will be held February 12-14, 2021 at Cornerstone Park, a picturesque bird sanctuary lake park owned by the City of Henderson, Jackpot’s 2021 Co-Presenting Sponsor.  Registration will open February 24, 2020.

About Beyond Limits Running:

Co-founded 8 years ago by a double organ transplant recipient and her husband, Beyond Limits Running was formed to help all runners, especially average runners, run way past their perceived limits by competing in ultra distance running events. Known for its over-the-top festive events, Beyond Limits Running produces the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, the Beyond Limits Ultra Race, and the Happy Hippie Harvest Run.  Learn more at www.BeyondLimitsRunning.com.

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