Record Time for One Water Race Winners

August 29, 2022

One Water Race - The Ultimate Proof of Human Capacity

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The first official One Water Race, the world’s toughest long-distance race, started on August 23 at 7.00am. The winning team, Team 4 (Sweden/Australia), crossed the finish line at Landsort with an unbelievable time of 47 hours and 19 minutes. The runner up, Team 8 (Australia), finished in an amazing 49 hours and 41 minutes.

Seven teams started at Arholma to challenge all physical and mental limits by competing over 250 kilometers of running, swimming, and orienteering—non-stop, across Stockholm’s archipelago to Landsort. The winners, Team 4 (Sweden/Australia) with Adriel Young, Daniel Hansson, Johan Hasselmark and Kristin Larsson, crossed the finish line after 47 hours and 19 minutes. The total prize pool is USD 100,000, of which the winning team receives USD 60,000 and the remaining teams share USD 40,000.

The second team to finish was Team 8 (Australia) with Rob Preston (ranked 2nd in the world in endurance sports,) Elizabeth Dornom, Glenn Wilkinson, and Julian Dent, who finished a little more than 2 hours behind the winners with a time of 49 hours and 41 minutes. The third team Team 2 (Sweden) finished at 58 hours and 34 minutes.

The weather conditions have been quite fair, but the chilly nights and extreme swimming, 200 kilometers, and 50 kilometers of running and the lack of sleep has been stressful for everyone. Three US teams, Team 1, Team 3, and Team 7 became separated during the competition.

“We are extremely impressed by the performances of all the teams,” says Thomas Ogander, initiator, and founder of One Water Race. “They have fought so hard and just kept going without sleep. The winning team is well-knit and has trained incredibly hard ahead of the race. My vision was a finish tonight, after 55-60 hours, but they managed it in an incredible 47 hours and 19 minutes, which is unbelievably strong. Now, we are waiting for the third team, Team 2, to finish. We are already looking forward to next year and hope that even more athletes join the competition, which raises awareness for the climate challenge in our waters and seas and elevates endurance sports.”

“This is the most enjoyable and challenging race we have ever taken part in,” says Daniel Hansson Team 4 (Sweden/Australia). “The lack of sleep was the biggest challenge, closely followed by the weather conditions with hot days and extremely cold and dark nights. We are delighted that we managed to finish first because it will allow us to devote even more time and effort in the future,” says Daniel Hansson Team 4 (Sweden/ Australia.)

In November 2022, teams from all over the world can apply for a spot in One Water Race 2023.

One Water Race will be arranged annually during World Water Week, when the Stockholm Water Prize is awarded by HM King Carl XVI Gustaf as well as Stockholm Junior Water Prize and Baltic Sea Day. All activities are meant to further raise awareness for water-related challenges.

One Water Race is adapted to a digital and content-driven world. The race is produced with advanced media technology and broadcast in real time via the Web and social media platforms worldwide. In collaboration with Storyfire, a documentary is also produced for global streaming services. The race and results can be seen on www.onewaterrace.com as well as on social media channels.

One Water Race, leaderboard

No Team Time To goal




4 TEAM 5 – SOUTH AMERICA 57:22:00 30.755 DNF (CHECKPOINT 12)

5 TEAM 3 – USA 52:29:00 42.739 DNF (CHECKPOINT 11)

6 TEAM 7 – USA 50:00:00 85.729 DNF (CHECKPOINT 9)

7 TEAM 1 – USA 38:40:00 85.729 DNF (CHECKPOINT 9)


One Water Race – competing line-up 23-25 ​​August 2022

Team 1 – USA: Jarrod Shoemaker (captain), Kristin Smith, Misty Becerra and Sara McLarty

Team 2 – Sweden: Staffan Björklund (captain), Johanna Edman, Martin Finta and Richard Norlin

Team 3 – USA: Jason Magness (captain), Chris Wright, Renee Metivier and Timothy Gorbold

Team 4 – Sweden & Australia: Daniel Hansson (captain), Adriel Young and Kristin Larsson

Team 5 – South America: Ruben Manduré (captain), Douglas Elias da Costa, Fredrica Frontini, Thiago Bonini

Team 6 – Sweden: George Bjälkemo, Helena Sivertsson and Pontus Lindberg – RETIRED DUE TO INJURY

Team 7 – USA: Brett Gravlin (captain), Justin Smith, Lara Sloan

Team 8 – Australia: Rob Preston (captain), Elizabeth Dornom, Glenn Wilkinson and Julian Dent

About One Water Race

One Water Race was conceived by Thomas Ogander together with One Water Foundation and the ‘Fossil-Free Archipelago,’ initiative, whose ambition is to establish and drive development of a modern and environmentally adapted infrastructure for marine environments, starting in Stockholm’s archipelago. The race’s main partner is Stockholm Archipelago, a collaboration between Visit Stockholm, the Archipelago Foundation, Region Stockholm and seven municipalities to support sustainable tourism. One Water Race is also organized in collaboration with Expedition Baltic Sea and Briggen Tre Kronor, which works to save the Baltic Sea by educating young people and the broader public. The race’s purpose is to take long-distance sports and climate action to a completely new level that reaches a wide target market—locally, globally, and digitally—through the media and with the help of technological development.

About One Water Foundation

One Water is an independent foundation that is a catalyst to drive the climate issue of water and oceans for the benefit of all stakeholders. The foundation uses Sweden and Stockholm’s archipelago as a starting point to create the context necessary to raise awareness and promote concrete change through One Water Race and the ‘Fossil-Free Archipelago’ initiative, whose ambition is to replace all the old filling stations in Stockholm’s archipelago with unmanned fossil-free stations by 2026. The first fossil-free filling station opened in July 2022 on Lidingö.

The ‘Fossil-Free Archipelago’ project is unique and is based on a collaboration between several actors: the state, authorities, and businesses, who need to drive and work for the necessary changes and a concrete result-oriented development together. The goal is for Stockholm’s archipelago to become fossil-free to set an example for progressive environmental development of marine environments in Sweden, and to influence the outside world and future generations.

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