Race Roster introduces 3 new challenge event types

September 10, 2021

Increase participant engagement by hosting creative challenges everyone will want to take on!

London, ON (Friday, September 10, 2021) – Race Roster recently introduced three non-distance based challenge types that will allow event organizers to engage with their participants in entirely new ways. With these new types, organizers can reach a wider audience and create creative challenges that everyone will want to take on!

“Challenges in general are a fantastic way to add some more excitement to your event training experience, engage with your participants year-round, or host a stand-alone event that lasts more than a single weekend! Our new challenge types open up even more possibilities for these events!” says Sarah Nielsen, Race Roster Product Lead. “The event organizer can be as creative as they like with the goal of their challenge. For example, the challenge could be to cover as much elevation as one possibly can in one month, or spend 10 minutes meditating every day for 6 weeks, or complete 50 push-ups every day for 1 week. The opportunities are endless!”

Race Roster customers can now host challenges based on the following:

  • Elevation: Challenge participants to aim high by basing your challenge leaderboard rankings on total elevation achieved.
  • Time: Allow participants to complete ANY kind of activity and only ask for the amount of time they spent doing it.
  • Tally: Challenge participants to complete any activity that can be counted and totalled as a numeric value. This challenge could be for push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, squats, or anything countable, where each participant must complete a set number of reps of the chosen activity.

In addition to these new event types, Race Roster also introduced the ability to distribute creative challenge awards!

Want to learn more?

Visit raceroster.com/articles/new-challenge-types