RACE RESULT releases the Next Generation in UHF Timing: Track Box Passive

July 17, 2020

The team at RACE RESULT is excited to present its latest innovation. The Track Box Passive introduces the next generation of race timing and opens up new possibilities for timekeepers or event organizers.

The Track Box Passive is a complete UHF timing system in a small case. With integrated antenna, LTE modem, GPS and battery, the box runs autonomously and provides data from the course for your whole race day. Thanks to its weight of only 1.7kg/3.7lbs and simple activation with one click of a button, the device can be easily carried to remote locations and set up within seconds.

Never before has it been so simple to add a split or checkpoint to a race. With participants already wearing their bibs with RACE RESULT transponders, the timekeeper simply needs to mount the Track Box Passive on a lamppost or place it on the ground – that’s it! With an integrated solar panel mode, it is even possible to use the Track Box Passive for permanent installations and hold events over weeks or months.

To make this evolution possible, RACE RESULT CTO Nikias Klohr and his team developed a completely new UHF reader, tailored specifically to the requirements of sports timekeeping. This YouTube video gives an introduction to the Track Box Passive.

“We are very proud and excited to release our Track Box Passive”, says Nikias Klohr. “It is the result of a multi-year development project and we believe it will be a ground-breaking, game changing product for our industry. It will definitely have a big impact on how races will do timekeeping at split points in the future.”

With the European Certification, sales have already started in Europe. Certifications for US and Canada are expected soon. For outside of Europe, RACE RESULT is taking pre-orders now. To learn more about this latest innovation, visit the RACE RESULT Solutions Page or get in touch with the sales and support team.


RACE RESULT is the technology leader in the market of sports timekeeping technology. With headquarters in Germany and seven distributors around the globe, RACE RESULT offers a complete timing package – from race numbers and event supplies, to timing transponders and systems using active or passive timing technology, all the way to timing and scoring software. For more information, visit www.raceresult.com.