Race Across America Partners With Holland Racing For New 2020 Gravel Race

February 3, 2020

Castroville, Texas Hosts New Gravel Race…The Bull Grind

Castroville, Texas Hosts New Gravel Race…The Bull Grind

Boulder, CO (February 3, 2020) To kick off 2020, Race Across America/Team Get Outdoors (TGO) – operator of the RAAM Challenge Texas, announced it would be partnering with Holland Racing, operator of the Austin based Driveway Series, to bring a new gravel race to Texas. The gravel race will take place March 29 as part of a weekend of cycling including a 200- and 500-mile road race, and the 30-, 60- and 100-mile gravel race. All races will start at Houston Square in Castroville, Texas. Castroville is located 20 miles west of San Antonio and has a population of about 3500. The size and location of the town provides easy access in and out of town for the racers. The new routes have been finalized.

Andrew Willis, owner of Holland Racing, “This area is of great significance to me. My family were among the very first immigrants from Alsace that settled here. My great (x4) grandfather’s name is carved in the stone that was used to build the church on the Stadtplatz (square) where the riders will start and finish.

I really enjoyed creating each route. It brought back many memories of my brother and I riding all day with pockets full of mom’s cookies and not a care in the world. And, we hope that some of that freedom and passion is felt by the participants.

I am excited to be working with my friends at Race Across America on this event. I hope the event can become a staple on the gravel race calendar.”

Executive Director, Rick Boethling, about the Bull Grind, “We are excited about the new partnership with Holland Racing and Andrew Willis. We have known Andrew for several years and have great respect for him as both a racer and event owner. He has put together some fantastic courses with interesting and varied terrain, and our goal is to grow the event to be a must race date on the calendar.”

Gravel Routes – The Bull Grind will feature three routes, all on the rolling dirt and gravel roads featured in the Castroville area. Riders will experience a variety of surfaces, from packed, fast gravel to loose gravel, dirt and asphalt. Each course is approximately 60% gravel, 25% unmaintained roads and 15% paved. The area includes mostly long gradual false flat style hills and very few steeper inclines.

 Road Routes– The event will feature two routes – 200 and 500 miles. Both will start and finish in Castroville. The 200-mile race is 214.4 miles with 9,470’ of elevation gain, and the 500-mile race is 512.3 miles with 22,838’ of elevation gain.  Both race routes lie entirely within the world famous Texas Hill Country.

200-Mile Route

The 200-mile route or “double century” is a step up from centuries (100 miles) and gran fondos (120 miles).  There will be aid stations at roughly 50, 100 and 150 miles.  These will be supplemented by convenience stores along the route.  No personal support vehicles will be allowed on the route.

500-Mile Route

The 500-mile route is open to solo racers, as well as 2 and 4-person teams.  Unlike the 200-mile race, there are no aid stations. Participants must ride with a support crew.  Racers have 48 hours to finish.  Racers who finish within the time limit qualify for Solo RAAM.

Andrew Willis, well-known in the Texas cycling scene, and Fred Boethling, RAAM president and Solo RAAM finisher, designed all of the race outes .  Willis, an Austin resident, who grew up in San Antonio, knows every road in the Texas Hill Country.  The routes incorporate many miles of Willis’ training rides.

For more information on the Bull Grind: www.bullgrinder.com

In addition to being a RAAM Qualifying race, the RAAM Challenge Texas is part of the 7-event Texas Ultra Cup.  For more information: www.texasultracup.com

For more information on RAAM Challenge Texas:  www.raamchallenge.com
For more information on RAAM: www.raceacrossamerica.org