Race Across America and Vertix Global Announce Multi-Year Partnership Beginning in 2020

February 13, 2020

Official Communication System for RAAM Races

Boulder, CO (February 13, 2020) The Race Across America (RAAM), the 3090-mile coast-to-coast ultra-cycling bicycle race held annually since 1982, has entered a multi-year partnership with Vertix Global is a long-established maker of wireless communication systems for sport and industry.

Working in conjunction with  6-time RAAM winner Seana Hogan, Vertix Global developed the Vertix Ultra, the only communication system specifically designed for the needs of ultra-cyclists and their crews. The Vertix Ultra has no buttons to push to talk, and sound clarity and wind reduction is unmatched.  The battery pack is external, meaning that there’s no need to remove the rider’s unit—simply plug in a fresh battery pack (kept in the rider’s jersey pocket) and continue up the road. Charging batteries is easy—they plug into any USB charging port.

Wireless communication has become an integral part of ultra-cycling. Racers and crews value the convenience of being able to discuss immediate needs (food, hydration, navigation, etc.) without having to stop or have the rider pull alongside the support vehicle. And there’s tremendous value in being able to motivate a racer by verbally sharing the well-wishes of friends, family and supporters on social media.

“RAAM is excited to be partnering with such an innovative company. The world of communication is evolving by the minute and Vertix is leading the way. Our racers rely on quality communication and durability of a product. They have worked with RAAM racers to develop the Ultra model, so we know it will meet those requirements. We look forward to continuing to work them and to help evolve their product to keep it the best on the market while meeting all of our racers needs,” stated Rick Boethling, Executive Director RAAM.

The Vertix Ultra system fills those needs with crystal clear voice quality, smart design, reliability, communication range, operating duration, and ease of use.

More About Vertix Global
Vertix is a manufacturer of real time communication products designed for both work and recreation applications. The products focus on crystal clear voice quality balanced with solid industrial design, reliability, communication range and operating duration.

For more information on Vertix visit the website: http://www.tourdebicycling.com/vertix

More About RAAM

Race Across America, Inc. and Team Get Outdoors, LLC (dba Soul Events) are world leaders in the sport of ultra-bicycle racing.  The Race Across America (RAAM), a 3,000-mile coast-to-coast race across the USA, is the world’s premier ultra-cycling race – the World Championship of Ultra-Cycling.  The Race Across the West, a 900-mile race across the Western US, the RAAM Cycling Challenge Series of ultra road races, and the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships are all part of the RAAM brand.  In addition, RAAM offers seminars on ultra bicycle racing and sanctions ultra-cycling races worldwide.

For more information on Race Across America visit the website: http://raceacrossamerica.org/