rabbit’s Phil Shin Seeks to Raise Awareness, Make History at the Leadville 100

August 17, 2023

Santa Barbara, California (August 17, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Ultrarunners have attempted to complete the Leadville 100, billed as the “race across the sky,” since its inception in 1983. With an average elevation higher 10,000 feet above sea level, completing the storied event is seen as a monumental feat of strength and determination.

Phil Shin, a member of the RADrabbit team, is no stranger to monumental feats. As a cancer survivor and liver transplant recipient, Shin has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds before, thanks to his strength and determination.

In just two days, on August 19th, Shin will continue his quest against extraordinary probabilities at the Leadville 100, where he’ll aim to become the first liver transplant recipient to complete 100 miles. But Shin has broader goals than the individual accomplishment of finishing one of the most challenging 100-miles races in the country.

Representing the Chris Klug Foundation charity team, Shin seeks to raise awareness for the need of registered organ donors–a life-saving donation that he himself needed a few years ago. Shin wasn’t alone in his journey to survive cancer, and he won’t be alone in his quest to raise awareness and run 100 miles either. Monica DeVreese, co-founder of rabbit, will be there to serve as his crew chief throughout the race, along with other members of the rabbit family crewing, spectating, pacing, and running the race.

“Being a part of Phil’s remarkable running journey has undoubtedly been one of the greatest gifts I have been given since the inception of the rabbit brand. And to now be able to help him and guide him on achieving this endeavor of conquering the Leadville 100 is something that I will hold close to my heart. I’m excited to see Phil crush his goals and I can’t even begin to imagine the powerful and inspiring mark this will leave on our communities”, said DeVreese.

As part of the race weekend in Leadville, you can join Shin, DeVreese, and Chris Klug Foundation members at a rabbit-sponsored shakeout run on Friday, August 18th at Lake County High School’s football field entrance at 8:30 AM.

In Shin’s words: “I don’t put my story out there to say: ‘Hey, I beat cancer and I’m doing all these cool things.’ My whole thing is that I can’t be the only one. I’m not that special, there have to be other people out there so let’s get out there together.”


About rabbit: rabbit is a female-founded, free-spirited, California running apparel brand that supports runners and dreamers of all levels. You can find rabbit at independent specialty running retailers throughout the nation or online at runinrabbit.com. Contact us at borntorunfree@runinrabbit.com.