Quintana Roo breaks fit paradigm with unisex fit in new HYDROsix2 and HYDROfive2 wetsuit

February 16, 2022

Chattanooga, TN (Feb. 16, 2021) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Quintana Roo announces the debut of the all-new HYDROsix2 and HYDROfive2 triathlon wetsuit range, a series of triathlon wetsuits delivering a performance-focused industry first: a Unisex Fitting System, presenting a range of wetsuit sizes based around body measurements, rather than gender.

As the company that invented the wetsuit and celebrates its 35-year anniversary this year, it was incumbent to analyze how to make an already proven range of wetsuits even better, and fit became a central theme. It was a range of discussions with customers and wetsuit fit experts that led the QR wetsuit development team to reconsider wetsuit fitment. The result sees QR changing the paradigm in how wetsuits can perform with fitment based on actual body type, rather than assumed gender-based morphologies.

“In talking to our pro athletes and age groupers at events across the country the last few years, we’ve learned that sizing doesn’t necessarily run across gender lines,” says QR marketing director Jamie Ann Rennick. “Our engineers designed a cross-section of sizing that we’ve found works in a way that best match triathletes to the suit that fits them best, as a result of opening them to a much wider range of fit options than the ones a single gender option provides. And when a suit fits the way it ought to, there’s a tangible performance benefit.”

The new Quintana Roo HYDROsix2 and HYDROfive2 range consist of three fit classifications: standard, broad and thin. Combined with a range of height and weight variances, the QR HYDROsix2 and HYDROfive2 consist of 14 different suit sizes, fitting a range of triathlete from 4’11 to 6’6.

The HYDRO series maintains several proven performance features from our previous award-winning wetsuit range, including a low-rise Comfort Seal Neck Design for a low, unrestricted neckline with no flushing, premium Yamamoto neoprene, and of course our 14-day money back guarantee and two-year no-fault warranty.

Features and advantages of the HYDROsix2 and HYDROfive2 include:

  • Quintana Roo’s new Unisex Fitting System
  • Exceptionally low seam count for unrestricted flexibility and breathability
  • Strategic Buoyancy Profile for optimized position in the water
  • Premium Yamamoto neoprene with hydrophobic SCS Nanocoating designed for flexibility and buoyancy
  • Comfort Seal Neck Design
  • Forearm catch and feel panels for optimized stroke performance
  • No-fault Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Competitive direct-to-consumer pricing that beats our chief competitors

In maintaining our delivery of top-tier wetsuits at a fair price to customers, pricing for the HYDROsix2 is $595, while the value-focused HYDROfive2 will price at $479. All suits will also launch with free shipping within the contiguous United States.

High-resolution images are available for media use, and can be found in our Quintana Roo Wetsuits HYDROsix2 and HYDROfive2 Media Kit

The web link to the new wetsuit range can be found at:


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