PWR Lab Launches ‘Distributed Racing’ Services for Innovative Event Directors

June 2, 2020

PWR Lab invites race organizations to partner for best-in-class race events, featuring automated mileage tracking, course validation, and interactive leaderboard + map combo

Santa Cruz, CA (June 2, 2020) – PWR Lab, an innovative running analytics company leveraging training data from wearables to help runners avoid injuries, announces today the official launch of a full suite of Distributed Racing services. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake up sporting and mass-start events, PWR Lab is partnering with innovative race directors to create inspired races that, with the help of its technology, are distributed across multiple locations, over a window of time, or both.

Distributed Racing with PWR Lab is characterized by automated results-tracking on an interactive leaderboard and map. The scope of each event is fully customizable to race organizers’ specifications, including submission windows, relay team accommodation, multi-segment courses, and automatic validation. PWR Lab can also facilitate GPS beacon tracking during races – on the same course or distributed across locations – for events wishing to maintain a live component, where appropriate safety standards will permit.

“Our team at PWR Lab has always worked remotely, but we don’t consider ourselves a ‘virtual’ workforce… we’re a very real, distributed workforce,” said PWR Lab Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Stepanovic. “We believe that the same distinction should apply to races being organized in today’s circumstances. The technology we’ve developed to keep runners healthy is perfectly positioned to connect people and facilitate a compelling race experience. Our goal is to help create a great event, and then keep people healthy enough to enjoy the fun of it.

PWR Lab is currently working with trail running, road racing, and cycling events from LA to Boston as traditional races continue to be postponed, canceled, or moved to a digital format. California-based groups Pacific Coast Trail Runs (TogetheRelay) and Run Local (California Coast 500) have already opened registration for races starting this month.

“Much of the endurance industry has scrambled to promote soulless virtual events with no concern for integrity or safety. PCTR held out in order to develop our vision for a long-term solution,” said Race Director and American Trail Running Association advisory board member Greg Lanctot. “PCTR knows that they have found the perfect partner in PWR Lab to usher in the next generation of trail running through Open Course Trail Racing. Not only can people participate in a special challenge, but they can do so responsibly, and can make sure to get to the finish line in good health.”

The PWR Lab team is comprised of passionate athletes who have often participated in and directed mass-start events. Race organizers are encouraged to contact PWR Lab and explore the potential to collaborate with a group that understands today’s unique challenges, and is at the forefront of overcoming them.

About PWR Lab:

PWR Lab is a digital platform where big data and sport science converge, helping runners of any level to predict risk, prevent injury, and perform optimally. PWR Lab takes advantage of data generated by popular wearables and devices to enable runners, coaches, and physios to make better training decisions. As pioneers of Connected Sports Medicine, PWR Lab is helping athletes to achieve performance through a foundation of sustainable health, and is embraced by running enthusiasts, high-performance teams, and Olympic athletes alike. For more information and a free trial visit www.PWRLab.com.