Professional Triathletes Organisation Announces C$20,000 Prize Purse for The Canadian Pro Triathlon Championship

September 3, 2020

LONDON, ENGLAND: The Professional Triathletes Organisation today announced that it will provide a C$20,000 prize purse for the Canadian Pro Triathlon Championship on September 13th in Caledon, Ontario.

With all triathlon racing in Canada cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Canadian PTO Professionals have joined together to create an event that will allow Canadian professional triathletes to engage in a non-drafting Olympic distance event and celebrate the resilience of the Canadian triathlon community.

Charles Adamo, Executive Chairman of PTO commented, “We are grateful to our PTO Professionals who have united around the world to help support their fellow professionals and the triathlon community in these trying times. With pretty much the entire racing season cancelled, our professionals have lost all opportunities to earn income. It has been a devastating year for many of them. Their conduct exemplifies the nature of the PTO as an athlete-led organisation with a mission to celebrate our sport and see it grow and thrive. This especially true in the difficult environment we find ourselves. The PTO’s mission is to serve our hardworking PTO Professionals and support their valuable contributions to the sport we all love so much. We hope that their efforts and unity in these difficult times are an inspiration to everyone.”

Canadian Professional and PTO Board Member, Paula Findlay, commented, “The travel restrictions in and out of Canada have made racing for Canadian athletes nearly impossible this year. The restrictions keep being extended, and races continue to be cancelled. Canadian PTO Professionals, Jackson Laundry and Taylor Reid, have come together to lead a race in Canada to give athletes perhaps their only opportunity to race in 2020. The PTO is pleased to support their effort by offering a C$20,000 prize purse at the event. I’m sad that I won’t be there as my own travel and quarantine restrictions won’t allow it, but I’m very excited to watch it go down from afar!”

Jackson Laundry, Canadian PTO Professional, stated. “It has been a difficult year for everyone in our sport. PTO Professionals have been very fortunate that the PTO paid out $2.5 million to over 200 professional triathletes to help many survive. We are all eager to race, but the restrictions have been difficult to overcome. We were inspired by Barrie Shepley of C3-Candaian Cross Training Club, who in response to the pandemic, put on an “old school” series that allowed some local triathletes to race this summer. When Barrie graciously offered us his venue to host a Canadian professional race, we jumped at the opportunity. Barrie has been heavily involved in the development of many great pro triathletes over the years, and he just wanted professionals to have a chance to race for some prize money and inspire the triathlon community. His lifetime commitment to triathlon is a perfect example of what is so great about our sport, and we can’t thank him and the PTO enough for making this happen.”

The event will be a non-drafting Olympic distance race and will see both long-distance and ITU Canadian professionals compete against each other.  The swim will be a time trial done separately from the bike and run, then the athletes will start the bike/run in order of their swim finish according to how far back they were from the leader. In order to keep a Covid-safe environment, the entire Olympic distance bike and run will be enclosed in a subdivision that will allow for the select few spectators to see the fast-paced action. The event is expected to be broadcast so triathlon fans can experience the excitement.


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