Pinarello Launches new Nytro E Road and Gravel E Bikes

March 16, 2023

The new Nytro E opens up a world of cycling possibilities

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ Pinarello is proud to announce the launch of the Pinarello Nytro E, an exciting range of road and gravel e-bikes designed without compromise to perform at a high-level and created with adventure in mind, allowing riders to tackle long rides and steep Alpine climbs with more agility and confidence.

Constantly inspired by its racing DNA, Pinarello reimagines what an e-bike can do with Nytro E. Pinarello is proud to have 70 years of experience in creating the most successful bikes, resulting in an unparallel breadth of knowledge to create these new models with truly unique handling and road feel. And at only 11.4kg (size 530), the Nytro Road E9 is the lightest pedal-assisted, mid-drive bike on the market, further enhancing the sensation of riding a real Pinarello.


Offering a genuine pedaling experience, the Nytro E feels just like cycling always has, but on the fastest days of your life. It’s you, but with 300 watts more power in your legs.

The new TQ-HPR50 motor has been designed to offer natural and constant support, combined with the motor’s class-leading inaudibility, the Nytro E provides support when you need it most, even on the steepest climbs, without unnatural sensations. With a range of up to 100km (140km with a range extender), it’s the perfect power/weight ratio to offer all-day fun no matter what kind of ride you’re on.

When called upon, the TQ-HPR50 motor delivers up to 50 Nm of torque and 300 Watts of peak power in a compact package that’s also very lightweight at just 1,850g for the motor and 3,900g in total when paired to its 360Wh battery and fully integrated 2” display. And not only is it the lightest e-bike system in its class, but its compact size also means that it fits discreetly into the frame and provides a Q-factor of 135mm, giving the same naturally efficient pedal stroke as an analogue bike.


With the goal of creating something that made cycling accessible, but without sacrificing the bikes’ Pinarello DNA, this project began where they all do, with the frame geometry. For Nytro Road and Nytro Gravel, Pinarello have developed two dedicated geometries optimized for their intended type of riding.

Aerodynamically, the Nytro E is made to fly. The head tube, down tube, and rear stays have been designed to obtain maximum aerodynamic performance. And with Pinarello’s TiCr, every cable is integrated into the handlebars to maximize the reduction of drag coefficient and provide a cleaner design.

The Nytro E comes with a totally redesigned seatpost area, featuring a new seatpost clamp that is completely embedded into the frame, reducing the area’s total volume, and improving aerodynamics. The Nytro Road frame comes with Pinarello’s proven Dogma F seatpost, while the E-gravel models will be fitted with a traditional seatpost to allow for compatibility with most dropper posts currently on the market.

The frame also features Pinarello’s unique asymmetrical design philosophy, with the left side structured to compensate for the greater force exerted by the drive on the right side. And to stay true to its Pinarello DNA: the Nytro E’s ONDA fork is designed to absorb vibrations and improve handling performance, now with 47mm rake.

Tire clearance on the Nytro E has also been carefully considered. Road models will accept tires up to 32mm to maximize comfort without adversely affecting performance, while Nytro Gravel models will take tires up to 50mm, to meet the needs of even the most adventurous rider.

With both bikes, the goal was clear: Extend the experience of riding a Pinarello and allow people to ride longer, further and climb higher. And thanks to the six different sizes it is easy to find the perfect bike for you.

For more information on the Pinarello Nytro E series, please visit pinarello.com/usa/en/bikes/e-bikes