Pickle Juice Brings Functional Heat with New Chili Lime Shot

March 2, 2023

Leading Brand Expands Product Line of Their Popular 2.5oz Shots

MESQUITE, TX (March 2, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Pickle Juice, pioneers in providing scientifically proven methods to prevent muscle cramps and dehydration, is excited to announce the release of Chili Lime as the latest innovation of their 2.5oz Extra Strength Pickle Juice shot. Pickle Juice believes in providing natural and healthy aid to the physical aches and pains that interfere with the daily activities of a variety of consumers. Their products are USDA Organic certified, sugar and caffeine-free, and provide instant cramping relief now complete with added heat and the delicious flavor combination of chili and lime.

“At Pickle Juice, our mission is to help consumers achieve the physical success of the activity of their choice,” said Filip Keuppens, Executive Vice President for The Pickle Juice Company. “When developing our line extension strategies, we look at functionality first from an R & D standpoint. The functional properties of these new ingredients brings the benefits of our scientific formulation to the forefront of the consumer experience.”

Pickle Juice is scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps, a condition that effects an estimated 60 percent of adults. Muscle pain can strike when you least expect it–but Pickle Juice is here to solve all your cramping needs. Each Pickle Juice shot contains a proprietary blend of grain and vinegar–putting a halt to muscle cramps before they even start. Pickle Juice is available in a 1-gallon extra strength pickle juice, 16 ounce pickle juice sport, 8 ounce pickle juice sport, 2.5 ounce pickle juice shot, and more.

To learn more about Pickle Juice, visit https://picklepower.com/ or follow them on Instagram Twitter and Facebook.

About Pickle Juice

Pickle Juice is the only product on the market scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps, prevent dehydration and aid in recovery. Pickle Juice uses a proprietary grain and blend of vinegar that blocks that nerve signal being sent from brain to muscle, and a blend of vitamins and minerals for immediate muscle recovery. Whether you are missing something from your diet, exhausted from exercise, or dealing with poor circulation, Pickle Juice can provide a source of relief. For more information, visit https://picklepower.com/.


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