Pic2Go Partners with Tag Timing to power Sponsored Race Photography at 2021 Events

June 1, 2021

Pic2Go, the global leader in Sponsored Race Photography has renewed its collaboration with Tag Timing to power free race photos at 2021 events in Macedonia.

Pic2Go’s race photography platform will be used to automate race photo-tagging, branding and social sharing of the free race day photos by participants – at Tag Timing events in Macedonia during 2021.

“Tag Timing was established in 2015, and very fast started to grow with the service that provides timing services. But we realize that we must add and more services to keep existing customers and to get new customers, so from 2017 we provide to our customers the Pic2Go service.” Said Kire Sinadinovski, Tag Timing General Manager. “Pic2Go was something that we were looking for because you can easily get your pictures from event and that is something that every runner wants to get their photos after event and to be for free, because there is sponsor or organizer who cover this cost.”

“Since May 2021 the number of infections in Macedonia dropped (the mass vaccination start at the beginning of May) and many organizers that planned their events they start to happen, even there is new races that decide to get and Pic2Go services. So we hope that we will keep our customers from last year and that we will have new customers.

Our decision to continue collaboration with Pic2Go is that runners want to get in a simple way their photos from the race, and Pic2Go can provide that. Also some of our clients are interested in other services that Pic2Go provides, like video services and offerz.me Virtual Race Bags solution!” adds Kire.

“We are very happy that the Covid situation in Macedonia is getting better and we can renew our collaboration with Tag Timing” Said Eitan Hefetz, Pic2Go CEO. “Kire and the Tag Timing team has always demonstrated high professionalism and strive to make the best use of innovative technology to offer the best service to participants and sponsors!”

About Pic2Go

Established in 2010, Pic2Go is a global solution provider for Sponsored Race Photography, providing endurance event participants with free branded photos and videos to share on social media, while boosting race sponsorship. Pic2Go’s race photography technology is used by major events and sponsors in 40 countries.

For more information about Pic2Go visit http://www1.pic2go.com

About Tag Timing Macedonia

Established in 2015, Tag Timing offers comprehensive timing and event services to endurance events in Macedonia and Serbia, including the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon!

For more information about Tag Timing visit http://www.tagtiming.mk/