Pic2Go Partners with Go Dare to power Sponsored Race Photography at 2022 Events

February 15, 2022

Pic2Go, the global leader in Sponsored Race Photography has partnered with Go Dare to power free race photos and digital experience sharing at 2022 events in Belgium

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Pic2Go’s race photography platform will be used to automate race photo-tagging, branding and social sharing of race day photos and video by participants of event in Belgium, through the partnership with Go Dare.

Go Dare sports events calendar offers athletes and sports fans in Belgium and the Netherlands to always be aware of the sporting events in their area, including the race costs and start times, and simply add them to their personal calendar.

“After Covid turned the world upside down, we decided to expand our service.  Our main goal is to support and motivate sport enthusiasts and organizers. Our sports calendar is a part of it to reach that goal. But due to Covid we started some new projects to support organizers of running races in these difficult periods.” said Stijn Witters – Manager of Go Dare Events.

“We’ve launched a running criterium in which we support organizers with the budget of our partners. We want to professionalize medium-sized running events with a great experience for runners. We came along Pic2Go and after we saw all the opportunities with this service we didn’t hesitate to move forward with the partnership.

Pic2Go and the connection with RunPage is a great way to professionalize events and even a better way to give the participants a fantastic experience. Our race doesn’t stop at the finish line, we still want to support participants after their race with their virtual medal, their unique photos and results.” added Stijn.

“The RunPage personal finisher gallery  is in our opinion the best match to create this experience, we’re really happy that we entered into a partnership with Pic2Go for Belgium because we believe this service has a lot of potential! Every participant of every race deserves this great experience! “he added.

“We are very excited to launch this partnership with Stijn and the Go Dare team, bringing Pic2Go’s reach digital race experience sharing solutions to events, sponsors and participants in Belgium” said Eitan Hefetz – Pic2Go’s CEO.

“Go Dare is doing a great job connecting sports fans with events and demonstrating innovative approach using technology to optimize the race experience for participants, and the marketing value for sponsors.” He added.

About Pic2Go

Established in 2010, Pic2Go is a global solution provider for Sponsored Race Photography, providing endurance event participants with free branded photos and videos to share on social media, while boosting race sponsorship. Pic2Go’s race photography technology is used by major events and sponsors in 40 countries.

For more information about Pic2Go visit http://www1.pic2go.com

About Go Dare

Go Dare is the first sports calendar in Belgium and the Netherlands that brings together all upcoming sporting events. Today there is such a wide range of sports competitions that it is hard to keep track of it all. With Go Dare, skimming the websites for information is a thing of the past. Everything you need to know about upcoming sporting events is bundled in one place in a handy app.

For more information about Go Dare visit https://godare.events/