Pho3nix supports life-changing work of Tipo Boxing Academy

March 11, 2024

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The Pho3nix Foundation expands its footprint in Africa through the Tipo Boxing Academy powered by Pho3nix in Lagos, Nigeria.

The partnership between the sport nonprofit and Tipo Boxing Academy supports life-changing work that offers a lifeline to many children in an underprivileged setting, helping redirect the path of youths who might otherwise face uncertainty on the streets or get involved in armed conflict. It also broadens the Pho3nix Foundation’s work in engaging and empowering young lives through sport and movement around the world.

Coach Taiwo Adegbite, better known as ‘Coach Tipo’, takes in children off the streets and uses boxing to teach them values, life skills, and resilience. He says, “I don’t charge any of my kids in my academy because anyone you ask money from, the next day you’ll not see them anymore because they have not eaten. So we do it for free.”

Despite a lack of funding and facilities the Tipo Boxing Academy has helped hundreds of young people, creating pathways to lift them out of poverty, give them a sense of community and purpose, and support their dreams to compete on the world stage.

Pho3nix Foundation’s support for the Tipo Boxing Academy has allowed them to access all the equipment they need and a permanent venue to host their classes. But beyond mere financial contribution, the collaboration sees Pho3nix actively involved in a multifaceted approach that has been transformational for all involved.

Tipo Boxing Academy scholars like Joy Apha and Kehinde Owoeye now dream of becoming Olympic boxers. Apha says, “I would like to be the best Olympic female champion boxer. I would like to be better than Anthony Joshua and Mohammed Ali. I want to be the best female boxer in the whole wide world.”

Owoeye looks up to boxing stars who come from humble beginnings and whose careers are testament to the doors that boxing and sports can open. He adds, “I’ve watched so many champion boxers like Gervonte Davis and Otis Lookham, they are very successful and I’d like to be as successful as them.” He also wants to build on Coach Tipo’s legacy by providing his community with new equipment and training grounds.

Tipo’s work has also helped upskill boxing coaches in the city, in turn elevating the level of competition in the sport. Boxing coach Kolawole Tobi explains, “I learn a lot from Coach Tipo. He taught me about boxing skills, and I used them for my boxers and they use it and fight and win.”

Launched in September 2023 in Lagos, there are now plans to expand the program to other cities in Nigeria and eventually more countries in Africa.

Boxing for children in Africa is more than just sport; it is hope, community, and life. Coach Tipo states, “This kind of opportunity for Tipo Boxing, from the Pho3nix Foundation – I really appreciate it. Pho3nix is helping take Tipo Boxing Academy to the world.”

For the Pho3nix Foundation, partnering with the Tipo Boxing Academy was an incredible opportunity to make an impactful difference in children’s lives. “This is the core of the Pho3nix ethos: to uplift kids through sport,” says Pho3nix Foundation board member and Mana Global chairman Chris McCormack.

“Coach Tipo’s work not only gives children opportunity to engage in sport, but is a nucleus around which they build community and connection allowing kids to play, laugh, make friends, and just be kids. Beyond that, it also gives them hope through potential pathways toward a future in sport. This is important everywhere around the world, but especially more so where it can mean the difference between life and death. Pho3nix is very proud to support the Tipo Boxing Academy.”

Tipo Boxing Academy powered by Pho3nix brings the total global presence for Pho3nix up to ten nations and four continents: Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Greece, the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Since 2018, Pho3nix has been at the forefront of inspiring and empowering children by bringing sport to more than a million kids through sport camps, school outreaches, an activity tracking app, and more than 40 kids triathlons and running events around the world.

About The Pho3nix Foundation

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